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  • AFL – Long Bomb & Kwik Kick Competition (Years 4-7)
  • Fitness Testing (Years 4-7)
  • Skipping Jump Rope (Whole School – On-line fund raising)
  • Winter Carnival (Years 6 and 7)
  • Faction Footy (Years 4-7)
  • Modcrosse after school clinics
  • Cross Country Carnival (Years 4-7)


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On Tuesday 20 March students from Mount Hawthorn enjoyed meeting some very special Dockers players. Matthew Pavlich, Nathan Fyfe and Cameron Suttcliffe visited our school and participated in a photo shoot and clinic with the children. Some students and AFL School Teacher Ambassadors will now be seen on AFL promotional material for 2012. This was a very exciting day for all involved at Mount Hawthorn.

As part of the Junior Primary Fundamental Movement Skills Programme, Year 1 & 2 children were exposed to 4 sessions of gymnastics facilitated by instructors from Star-Mites Gymnastics Club. During these sessions the children were given opportunities to try various skills in a very safe and controlled environment. Many of the children had never before had the opportunity to put these skills into action. There were lots of giggles and fun had by all the children involved, especially when the balls were continuously bounced off the parachute.
Star-Mites Gymnastics Club is a supporter of the school. Logan, Alyssa and Taylor, from Year 5 are all members of their junior squads. This year Logan is going into the National Level 5 program and will be traveling to Singapore. Alyssa is in the International development program Level 3 and Taylor is in the International development program Level 5.

Hockey WA has again given Mount Hawthorn the opportunity to experience the benefits of providing a specialist coach to do some clinics with our Junior Primary students. Fiona Miotti conducted 2 clinics for all our Year 1-3 students to expose them to the skills required to play hockey. The children learnt many drills and were given the opportunity to play some fun games like `Dog & Bone`.

This term all students participated in a tennis clinic conducted by local tennis coach Peter Gerrans. Peter coaches at the Leederville Tennis Club.  During the clinic the students were involved in learning skills and participating in fun modified games.
The senior students also took part in an extra free clinic also with Peter and the MLC Hot Shots Australia program. The tennis clinics conducted by Peter support our school tennis program by providing expert advice and tuition and the tennis program culminates at the end of term with the Tennis Tournament Finals.
Congratulations all 2012 winners:
Year 4 Luke and Bridget
Year 5 Jake and Megan
Year 6 Roark and Asha
Year 7 Jake and Mia (pictured)
Thank you to Cherrie Fletcher for organising this event and thanks to all of the Year 7 students who assisted with planning, scoring and umpiring. 

Last term, four basketball teams were selected to represent the school at the 2012 Basketball Association Cup carnival, a competition involving schools from all over the Perth Metropolitan area. In preparation for the carnival, these students were fortunate to have some extra coaching from the Perth Redbacks at two lunch time sessions as well as one session from Perth Wildcat players Jesse Wagstaff and Cam Tovey.
Thank you to Kaylene Allen for making this clinic from the Wildcats possible. Also, thank you to the following parents for their assistance with the basketball program. Iain Gillespie, Fran Gibb, Kim Thomas, Danelle Selley, Vidya Finlay, Dave Wilmot, Wade Dodson, Barry Newell and Belinda Hewitt Dutton.
Mt Hawthorn Basketball Teams

Year 7 Boys
Year 7 Girls

Year 6 Boys

Year 6 Girls
Carnival Results
Boys Division: Winners - East Butler Primary and Runners Up - Mt Hawthorn Year 6 team.
Girls Division: Winners - East Butler Primary and Runners Up - Mt Hawthorn Year 7 team.

Mount Hawthorn Physical Education senior students were fortunate to take part in three consecutive Modcrosse coaching sessions from Wembley Lacrosse Club. These sessions included skills, drills and games in preparation for the year 6/7 Winter Carnival. Wembley Lacrosse is also offering free Modcrosse coaching sessions for all students every Wednesday afternoon from 3.15 -4.15pm on the school oval. Please see either Sue Kenny or Anita Putt if your child is interested in attending. These sessions started in week 2. No equipment is required and no weekend commitment. Anyone interested in playing Modcrosse over winter should contact Amanda Plummer from Wembley Lacrosse Club Ph: 0404 835 699.
Year 7 Room 20

Sports Education in Physical Education Program
The SEPEP Volleyball season is an annual event at Mount Hawthorn Primary and the students look forward to taking ownership of this program for Term 1 each year. All Year 6/7 students are divided into teams of equal ability and are given the opportunity to choose a team name, uniform and captain. Each week the teams take turns in being responsible for setting up the courts, umpiring and scoring, choosing the best players and reporting results at the end of the session.
In the early stages of the season, the students participate in lessons during PE where they are taught correct techniques and volleyball skills. They then have the opportunity to use these new skills in a game situation during SEPEP. To ensure the season runs smoothly, the teachers select a board of students who are responsible for organising fixtures, modifying rules, recording results, preparing helpful role cards, writing newsletters and more.
2012 saw another successful SEPEP season. The students came up with unique team names and uniforms and worked hard to support and encourage their teams to perform well throughout the season. They also developed confidence in controlling the game and announcing results through umpiring and scoring.
The end of the season saw medals awarded to the team who won the most games and the team who received the most points for their encouraging attitude and positive behaviour throughout the season. Individual medals were presented to the best Year 6 and 7 players during the competition. Through a student self assessment activity post-season, it is evident that the students feel positive about their volleyball skills, interpersonal skills and have developed strong team affiliation during the competition.
SEPEP Volleyball Results 2012
Best Team Game Points: Fire Breathing Garden Gnomes
Best Team Behaviour Points: Starship Rangers
Best Team Behaviour Points: Lewis and Asha
Best Player Year 7: Isaac and Niamh
Term 1 is always a very exciting time in the sports calendar with the Faction & Interschool Swimming Carnivals. 2012 again proved to be another year of fabulous swimming for all students from Years 4-7. Menzies powered down the pool to take out the title for 2012. Menzies has much to be proud of, earning an outstanding 561 points, Shakespeare placed second, Axford third and Braithwaite in fourth position. It was a great effort from all swimmers from all factions, to make it a very exciting carnival as well as displaying positive team encouragement and good sportsmanship.
From the Faction Carnival the Interschool Squad was chosen to represent the school at the Interschool Carnival against Kapinara, Rosalie, City Beach, Doubleview, Woodlands, Churchlands and Wembley Downs.
Representing the school involved extra training sessions. This proved to be worthwhile again as the team proved worthy of a fabulous win by 2 points against Kapinara. The carnival was very exciting throughout the whole program. We were neck and neck with Rosalie and Kapinara all day until the final scores after the relays were announced. Well done Mount Hawthorn Swim Team!
Final Scores
1st Mt Hawthorn 160
2nd Kapinara 158
3rd Rosalie 148
4th Woodlands 102
5th Wembley Downs 91
6th Doubleview 89
7th Churchlands 54
8th City Beach 49

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