2nd June, London - The Next Game Changers - Data Practitioner Network - Free Event
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The EDMworks Data Practitioner Network

The Next Game Changers

2nd June 2016, 3:30pm - 5:30pm, followed by networking drinks & refreshments
Complementary event sposored by CGI, King's Cross, London

Everything is possible if you get your tactics right

Three seemingly unconnected pieces of legislation will fundamentally change the data management landscape over the next three years. They all have different causes, but their combined effect will be to ENFORCE accountability for data, REINFORCE governance, UNDERPIN data architecture and MANDATE data quality management:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes the rules and accountabilities for security around personal data and transforms penalties for data breaches from “cost of doing business” to “bankrupting the business”

The Network and Information Security Directive (NISD) focuses on identification, registration and accountability for critical networks or systems. The scope covers financial, telecoms, utilities and other types of business.  It is the European Union’s response to cyber terrorism.

On 7th March 2016, the Senior Manager and Certification Regime (SMCR) was implemented as a self-regulating framework for senior management accountabilities across the finance sector.  This provides the legislative structure for the PRA/FCA to demand individual accountability for and oversight of critical business functions. The NISD and GDPR will use this framework to ensure personal accountability for data assets across the organisation.

EDMworks Practitioner Network on 2nd June 2016

The EDMworks Data Practitioner Network (DPN) event on June 2nd addresses these issues and provides a collection of industry experts to explain the combined legislation, the potential impacts and discuss how organisations plan to address these challenges.

As with all DPN sessions, the purpose is to explore multiple perspectives on the subject to provide you with greater breadth and depth in order to help you develop your own specific strategies.
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Welcome & Introduction

Dennis Slattery, Chief Executive, EDMworks
Chris Collins, Partner, Financial Services, CGI


Broadening Accountability for Data Management

Steve Daniels FMS, FIOR, FBCS, CITP.

Steve has more than 35 years’ experience in Risk Management, Cyber Security, Privacy, Compliance and Resilience.  He has authored a number of the formal standards (such as BS13500 Organisational Governance, BS16000 Corporate Security Management and ISO27799, Information Security).  He has specific responsibility at CGI for integrating cyber security and data privacy within broader data management activities. His presentation explains the key facts and impacts of the legislation and potential ways of addressing it.

GDPR and NISD represent a major change and maturity improvement requirement in Data Management and Cyber Security.  They carry with them the risk of material fines for gross breach and no longer make such a breach almost ‘business cost justifiable’. This was a criticism of the Data Protection Act, even when the fines in that regime were ‘reset’ to £0.5m maximum, especially as no such fine has yet been imposed.

At the same time:
  • The ‘Safe Harbors’ model has been cancelled by EU Courts (probably also impacting  the ICO’s approved locations model);
  • The US and EU are mid-negotiation of ‘Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)’ (that many see as a watering down of regulation and governance);
  • Organisations are rushing to the ‘Cloud’ (perceived as a panacea for reduced IT costs); and
  • Those same organisations are flirting with the ‘Internet of Things’ (that represent both a step change in ‘Big Data’ and convergence of technology domains previous, typically, run separately by different communities).
  • Senior Manager Regime – driving professionalism and accountability throughout the organisation underpinned by hefty sanctions
  • Digital Customer Experience – volume, speed and access to client and other data causes new security and regulatory issues
  • There is an expectation that breaches will occur – does a firm know accurately what data has been compromised?
GDPR and NISD therefore represent both the biggest challenge to AND opportunity for Data Practitioners. This presentation will survey the landscape, the challenges and provide a suggested ‘approach path’.

The Successors to BCBS 239 and Solvency II Governance Drivers

Dennis Slattery, Chief Executive, EDMworks

The new legislation represents a fundamental change to accountability for data.  The data involved may be personal or significant to a critical piece of national infrastructure.

Over the last five years, huge investments have been made on improving data quality, underlying infrastructure and its governance oversight. It is vital that the work done on implementing the new legislation builds on improvements that have already been made.

This session reviews key aspects of BCBS 239 and Solvency II, contrasts them to the new requirements and looks at ways of aligning roadmaps.


End user panel: Q & A Discussion

Moderator: Andrew Delaney, President, A-Team Group
Panel: TBA

We have covered a lot of ground in the previous sessions. Now it is time to hear from the end users who are making this happen within their firms. Andrew Delaney will moderate a panel of experts and take questions from the floor.


Close and final remarks

Dennis Slattery, Chief Executive, EDMworks
Chris Collins, Partner, Financial Services, CGI

Drinks, refreshments and networking

Courtesy of CGI

Event Information

Doors will open at 3pm for a 3:30pm start. The talks will finish at 5:30pm at which point the networking reception will begin.The event is free to attend. Expected attendance (based on previous records) is between 60 to 80 people. If you have any queries regarding the event please email

About the Data Practitioner Network

The EDMworks Data Practitioner Network (DPN) is a series of regular seminar and networking events held in the City of London. These events are a great opportunity to listen to fascinating insight on the modern developments in the industry through talks given by expert speakers. The talks are followed by a networking session that includes complimentary drinks.





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