Spring Semester 2011: Week 13 - VLDB (Very Large Database) Week

This week we're talking about an interesting topic: Very large databases. What exactly is that? Our professor this week, Robert Davis, asks us this question in his first post on VLDBs. In today's post he goes over the results of what the community views as a VLDB. Now you may be thinking "why should I care about VLDBs, I'll never have a database that large!". Well the great thing about learning about this topic is it gives you a better understanding of the SQL Server platform, how it scales, and why it is that you implement certain best practices to databases BEFORE they get to the VLDB state. 

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About the Professor

Robert Davis is a Sr. DBA at Microsoft and technical lead of the SQL Virtual Team in Product Quality and Online Operations. He is a SQL Server 2008 Certified Master and co-author of Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring (Apress). Robert recently signed on as a writer for SQL Server Magazine and loves to teach and present on a variety of topics with specialties in High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Performance Tuning.

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