Spring Semester 2011: Week 2 - SSIS

This week at SQL University we have some great SSIS stuff coming your way courtesy of Josef Richberg. Our first lesson this week starts with Multi-path execution of Data Flow Component. A bit ahead of where you're at? Well you can check out his SSIS posts from last semester as well as check out Coach Tom LaRock's articles on the matter. Again, keep an eye on the main SQL University page for all the latest additions to SQL University. Also we have a big announcement coming up soon for a great addition to your education this semester with SQL University so stay tuned!

If you're new to our program you can check out our FAQ to answer some of your basic questions regarding how SQLU works. If you ever have any questions or problems please feel free to email us at sqluniversity@sqlchicken.com.

Again thank you all for signing up and following along with SQL University! If you have any feedback or suggestions please fill out our Survey Form

About the Professor

Josef Richberg (Blog | Twitter) has been a SQL practitioner for over 16 years specializing in performance & tuning. He currently works for Harpercollins Publishers designing, enhancing, and improving, the sql experience for many of the data warehouse applications.  He was also named the Redgate ’2009 Exceptional DBA of the Year’ 

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