Finishing Out the Fourth Quarter
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Finishing out the Fourth Quarter

I have been sharing over the past few months how proud I am of New Song and our staff. I hope the New Season posts, blogs, and newsletters have been an encouragement to you. I have shared my heart through challenges that our mission has faced throughout its history and more recent past. I hope you have read (and heard) my thankfulness. I am fully convinced New Song has continued and endured because of God. I am humbled and grateful for His faithful provision.

Today, I want to share my heart for New Song's present challenge. We need your support! I cannot share it any more directly. I humbly present the honest burden on my heart for mission funds.

I stand amazed at how God sustained us over the past year. Our 2018 end of year fund raiser provided 45% of this year's need, and some timely love gifts between April and June have carried us into October. This truly is a miracle during a year where changes to the country have brought on new legal requirements, constant renewal of notarized documentation, extra land and asset certifications, obligated purchases, and assembly representation. These new and increased expenses are on top of the elevated overhead we have faced this year because of inflation.

In the past twelve months, we have received three visiting mission teams. Teams have been a great resource for New Song both directly and indirectly creating new connections, partners, and donors since the mission began. We have some new groups planning trips in November, December, and 2020. We are encouraged for what doors God will open with new partners and passions. But the need right now is Finishing out the Fourth Quarter!

New Song needs $25,000 to
Finish our Fourth Quarter

and my goal is to have $10,000 of that amount received by November 15.

Someone recently asked me how they could/can be praying for me,
and my response was:

"I'm good, what I need is my strong team around me. Pray that God keeps them healthy and that they can provide for themselves and their families. The mission is nothing without them, and I am nothing without them.
As long as my team's good, I'm good."

Will you help us Finish out our Fourth Quarter?
What part of our $25,000 need are you feeling led to give today?

Thank you for praying for (and with) us for our Fourth Quarter Need.
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With lots of Love,

New Song Mission Nicaragua

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