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Kukulkan Pyramid


Greetings on the Winter Solstice!

Dear Reader,

A few years ago, I visited the Chichen Itza pyramid site in Mexico to experience a reknown annual phenomenon. Thousands of us were here waiting for the afternoon sun to align with the largest pyramid to create a shadowy illusion of a serpent slithering on its steps.  It was partly cloudy that day and it seemed like it might not even happen. We waited. As the clouds didn't seem to budge and the anticipation of the crowd grew stronger, a chant burst forth:  Sun! Sun! Sun! Sun!  At first comical, it then became this surreal moment of ancient juxtaposed with modern that filled me with joy. The crowd, with phones and devices pointed towards the steps, ready to capture the moment, was calling out in unison, not for a famous sports team, not for a pop culture megastar, but FOR THE SUN. I joined in and was transported back to another time where nature was deeply revered. Where the sun's power was worshipped and honoured and prayed to as part of daily life, and celebrated full tilt at key times of the year.  In that moment, it was possible for me to feel hope that such an era will return for the whole planet.

This story took place at the vernal equinox, but I hope it's inspiring for this time of the year too.  We are so steeped in darkness, we must look harder to harness the healing power of the sun, perhaps dig deeper to find our own light.  When it's out, let's feel it's rays directly on the skin to boost our immunity for the remaining winter months, and when it's not, let's light fires to remind of us of it's return and to fortify our souls.  I wish you many quiet moments to light candles in honour of the receding darkness and to let your heart whisper your own version of a sun chant. 

It's said that for the Mayans, the symbol of the serpent was held in high esteem as a potent reminder of our energetic nature. For just as the snake travels by waving it's body, we too travel as waves of energy -  beautiful unique waves of light.  And so it is, that true healing and the most effective medicine, reaches this level.  

Oh and that day in Chichen Itza? It did not disappoint! After about 5 minutes of chanting SUN! SUN! SUN! SUN!, the clouds went on their way and the golden sun shone bright enough for the stone to cast it's shadow of the serpent, and the crowd went wild. 

I wish you all a happy winter Solstice with warmth, comfort and vitality!  Below you will find info on my new facebook page, as well as my cold & flu prevention class being offered in January.

Lots of love,
DCH Classical Homeopath

My new Facebook Page!

I'm excited to announce the birth of my new page on Facebook devoted to events and tips related to my homeopathy practice.  Please come and have a look and share it with your web, if you will!

Join the class!   Sunday January 15, 2017    2-4 pm
This popular class is the perfect primer on using the most effective homeopathics, herbs & nourishment for self care during the cold and flu season! You will learn the 3 homeopathic medicines that make up the most common for flu prevention protocol prescribed by French MDs. (Who needs a flu shot when you've got this?) Cost is $50.  Email to register.

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- Rachel Bevington

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