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Sleeping Lady of Malta - Marie Therese Camilleri


Wintertime as Dreamtime

Dear Reader,

This is the second year I've welcomed winter by going on a retreat just to dream. What a nourishing experience it was, to share with other women who also use dreaming as a self-awareness practice. Not only was it like falling into the fold of kindred spirits, but as each woman in the circle shared her dream, a potent image would be revealed as a piece of medicine for each of us, and all of us. Our dreams became evidence of the invisible energetic connections between us. 

Renowned homeopath Rajan Sankaran says there are two things never to be done with dreams in the homeopathic consultation: 
1. Ignore 
2. Interpret
Why do we homeopaths ask about dreams at all?  The truth is that dreams reveal the deepest and the purest sensation that governs our lives.  While dream elements help point the homeopath in the direction of the remedy that deeply resonates, only the dreamer can divine the true meaning of their dream.  Dreams allow us to see how our uncompensated, wild self is experiencing the world. And where there is dis-ease, this ancient practice of witnessing one's dreams can acknowledge the altered energy pattern that is calling for healing. Just noticing is a powerful first step. Further to that, changes in sleep and dreaming patterns help indicate the progress of healing once homeopathic treatment has begun. 

When homeopathic medicines are researched for their medicinal qualities (in studies we call "provings") the provers' dreams are carefully recorded just like every other physical or emotional symptom that comes up. There is a massive index of dreams associated with different medicines. For example, dreams of water or being able to breathe underwater may indicate a remedy from the bird kingdom, or dreams of hiking and exerting oneself endlessly might indicate Rhus-tox or dreams of difficulties in business could call for Bryonia.   

One of my dreams in the last week involved a mighty anger that pushed down a brick wall, a symbol of separation, which felt liberating!  But in sharing the dream, I grew self-conscious...what if they see a great weakness in me that I am completely unconscious of? Something I should already know about and be "working on"?  I felt so vulnerable, I jumped into active, fix-it mode forgetting the valuable medicine of just listening, just noticing, just being present and open to what my being is trying to say and receiving the healing power of being witnessed by others.

So I want to thank you and acknowledge your courage for sharing your dreams with me and going to those deeper places to bring light and healing to the old wounds and ways of being.  I wish you a happy and healthy winter season with the continued courage to change your dreams! Below you will find information on my cold & flu prevention class being offered in January, as well as some useful tips to stay healthy this winter. 

Lots of love,
DCH Classical Homeopath

Some useful resources on dreams:
Homeopathy for Today's World, Discovering your Animal, Plant or Mineral Nature, Rajan Sankaran
Dreams, Symbols & Homeopathy: Archetypal Dimensions of Healing, Jane Cichetti, Dreamwork with Toko-pa

Join the class!   Sunday January 14, 2017    2-4 pm
This popular class is the perfect primer on using the most effective homeopathics, herbs & nourishment for self care during the cold and flu season! You will learn the 3 homeopathic medicines that make up the most common for flu prevention protocol prescribed by French MDs. (Who needs a flu shot when you've got this?) Cost is $50.  Email to register.

Immune Building Chai Recipe

3 ½ cups of boiling water
2 Cinnamon sticks
1 Tbsp. Chaga mushroom chunks

1 Tbsp. fresh Ginger, grated
1 whole Nutmeg, chopped
1 Tbsp. Cardamom seed pods
1 Tbsp. Astragalus root
½ tsp. whole Cloves
¼ tsp. black Peppercorns
½ tsp. Anise seeds
½ tsp. whole Allspice
½ tsp. Echinacea root

Simmer the spices in the water for about 15 minutes. Strain and add 1/4 cup of frothy, warmed milk (I like almond) and honey to taste. 

Ferrum Phos Cell Salt for Colds

Excellent for inflammation, Ferrum Phos 6X is a tissue salt that supports the lungs, ears, blood, heart, mucous membraines and circulation by helping blood carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Take this at the very first signs of a cough, cold, fever or sore throat and you just may nip it in the bud. (4 pellets, 6 x day) 

Consider taking a longer course (3 x day throughout the winter) if you have a weak immune system or are prone to throbbing headaches, anemia, colds/sore throats or nosebleeds.

AND it can also be found in these foods: spinach, hazelnuts, whole rice, sesame and tomatoes!

Homeopathy Kits $75

Give the gift of a Homeopathy. Once I gave a kit to each family member for the holidays and they were very well received! Protected in a sturdy case, these 18 remedies are useful for many first aid and common ailments.  It comes with a very good booklet to guide your remedy choice. Email me to purchase.

What my clients say:

"When I found Karin Beviere, my life turned around. She was recommended to me by another mom who said that she could help with some of the behavioural issues I was having with my two small children. Transitions were so hard for them both, and it was making my life so difficult. I was tired and worn down, frustrated with 30 years of allopathic care that had never really helped. After our first year with Karin, we were all feeling so much better. Karin has totally relieved all my asthma symptoms, helped to heal my irritable bowel syndrome, helped me to sleep better and reduced my pre-menstrual symptoms to almost nothing. For my children, we developed a good program for them to address some of their fears, growing pains, improve their immunity, help them sleep and transition better. Our lives improved immensely. Now, it has been more than five years since we began with Karin and we always turn to her when our systems need a little tune up. Thank-you so much Karin for your care and attention to our health."
- Rachel Bevington

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