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"Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadows."
 - Helen Keller
11 SECONDS - Charlotte Bouckaert
Toneelhuis, Komedieplaats 18, 2000 Antwerp
Sat 26/06 - Sun 27/06 
© Charlotte Bouckaert

Eleven seconds: that is the average time we spend on a work of art. In 11 seconds, Charlotte Bouckaert and her audience watch one photograph for a long time: an exterior view of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.  On the stage is a work table with paper, scissors, paint, etc. The workshop of a bricoleur. A video camera projects what is happening on the table onto the back wall. The performer continuously manipulates the photo and makes our reading of the image shift. Read more...

ETUDE: By Itself - Charlotte Bouckaert
KIEM, Residentenfestival De Grote Post, Oostende
Fri 11/06 - Sun 13/06 
© Charlotte Bouckaert

Just as in advertising, promotional photos and videos, Charlotte examines how a banal object can be portrayed in the most attractive way possible. For this work, she draws inspiration from the still lifes of Ensor and Spilliaert. By giving directions to the person handling the camera, the viewer becomes a witness to an interplay between the object and the camera; and becomes a co-seeker of the ultimate image. The video shown for the Kiem Festival is a recording of an open rehearsal and the start of a new development in Charlotte Bouckaert's work. More info...

DAVUL - Hüseyin Umaysiz
Zuiderpershuis, Timmerwerfstraat 40, 2000 Antwerp
Wed 26/05 - Sat 12/06 
© Hüseyin Umaysiz

Work in progress in Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp! Huseyin Umaysiz explores the davul as a medium to make universal frequencies visible, audible and tangible and to return to the first fundamental awareness of existence. This exploration goes into interaction with an installation by Christoph De Boeck. About eight iron plates are placed in a crescent around the davul. These are machines that generate movement and sound and vibrate in harmony with the davul.

Kunsthal Extra City, Provinciestraat 112, 2000 Antwerp (BE)
© Léonard Pongo

For this installation, Meryem Bayram takes inspiration from geometric principles in architecture and traditional methods of surveying land. Bayram plays with the correlations between sonic tones and geometry, mathematical relationships and light. The artist has placed a series of wooden circles in a hidden corridor that in the past was reserved for the monks of the former monastery. With the placement of these abstract objects, the artist visualises the dimensions of the corridor and challenges our perspective of space and the passing of time. The installation changes with the position of the sun and the seasons.  Learn more...

PURE - Christian Bakalov
Stormopkomst, Turnhout (BE)
18/03 - 30/09 
© Christian Bakalov

PURE is an immersive performative installation that investigates the influence of imagination and narratives on our perception of reality and their impact on the relations that compose « Me » and the « others things ». Swaying between visual arts and performance, PURE generate interactions between bodies and objects and creates situations in which the audience, the performers and the installations has equal function into a common art object. Read more...

Arter, Istanbul (TR)
25/03 - 25/07
© [ELEKTROİZOLASYON], film still, 2021. Cast: Vahram Agakay, Hatice Bozdağlı, Esme Madra, Cem Özeren

Emre Hüner’s solo exhibition [ELEKTROİZOLASYON]: Unknown Parameter Extro-Record brings together new works created around a semi-fictional script. Hüner releases the script from its function and repositions it as a mediating device among different media, such as film, novel, and architecture, proposing an open method of production, a process of scriptwriting rather than reaching a conclusive outcome. Read more...

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