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I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise I won't bore you
- David Bowie
GILGAMESH - Mesut Arslan / Platform 0090
9/03 - 11/03: KVS, Brussels, Belgium
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© Marsel Van Oosten

For his latest creation, director Mesut Arslan set to work with the magisterial Gilgamesh epic. Not as a tale of immortality, as it has been told for thousands of years, but as an epic about learning to die. In the collection of heroic stories, Gilgamesh who is often accompanied by his friend Enkidu, experiences mythological adventures. For example, he goes in search of eternal life or he fights a duel with supernatural creatures sent by the gods to Uruk. In addition, he confronts himself with existential questions concerning, among other things, the awareness of mortality.

Together with Mesut Alp, archaeologist and expert on Mesopotamia, Mesut Arslan rewrote the epic and excavated a number of contemporary core themes from it. Arslan and Alp treat the encounter between Enkidu and Gilgamesh as one that puts nature against civilization, Homo Sapiens against Neanderthals, and time against space. Read more...

These pictures were taken during their residency in C-Takt, Dommelhof.

From 21/02 until 8/03, the piece will be finalised in KVS. 



OERTAAL - OEFENINGEN - Enrica Camporesi
6/03: C-Mine, Stormopkomst festival, Genk, Belgium
27/03: de Warande, Stormopkomst festival, Turnhout, Belgium
© Enrica Camporesi

In the beginning there is an ordinary girl, in the wild, near a river. Suddenly, she is given a task by the Gods: she must create the humans and she must invent a language to teach the humans everything she knows. 

Play with the 'Oermoeder' (primal mother/ ancestress) to turn the room into a cave, into a belly, into a mouth, into a dream, into a lake. Sound by sound, letter by letter, word by word, you come to listen to an ancient, comforting myth in which your own creation can find a place. As a versatile theatre maker and writer, Enrica Camporesi investigates what language means and how we do and change things with our words. In 'Oertaal - oefeningen'  she spreads an invented myth in the form of texts, improvisations and theatre workshops. For the STORMOPKOMST performance at C- Mine, Genk, she opens her research room to the public with the help of dancer Andreia Rodrigues and vocalist Mieke Bombeke. 


PURE - Christian Bakalov
9/02 - 12/02: Beyond The Black Box, de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Netherlands
© Christian Bakalov

PURE is an immersive performance-installation, which investigates how imagination and narratives influence our perception of reality. As an audience member, you are guided on a parcours of visual compositions, which are activated by your physical presence. With your personal background and history coming into play, you are invited to explore the various ways by which we design our reality, ranging from how we choose to construct an image to our more unconscious hopes and desires. PURE is the second part of a trilogy inspired by Spinoza’s concept of eternity, and is closely linked to birth and death: How do images of ourselves get called into life? How can we become conscious of them in order to actively engage with or lay them to rest? PURE is a collective ritual that gauges to the essence of our human condition through an experience of heightened intimacy.

© Beeldstorm

Looking back at 2021, we are proud of producing and coproducing multiple performances and installations. We'd like to show you the trailer of QBX, Sad Birds Pavilion by Huseyin Umaysiz. The premiere took place in Monty in October. 

Sad Birds Pavilion - based on the novel of the same name by Bahtiyar Ali - takes you back to the past and the present. Sad Birds Pavilion follows the traces of a traditional Kurdish narrative and the musical beauty of the Kurdish language in a contemporary new form of expression.  Stories of today are interwoven with the past. A journey in scents, sounds, time, colours, songs and body. In search of lost traces. Without fear. What makes us us? 

Watch the video by clicking the image, or click here! (you will be redirected to Vimeo) 


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