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"Then something strange happened in the city.
One night all of us had the same dream at the same time."
- QBX - Sad Birds Pavilion

QBX - Sad Birds Pavilion - Hüseyin Umaysiz
14/10 - 16/10: Monty, Montignystraat 3, 2018 Antwerp (BE)
© Teaser by Hussein Shabeeb // © Pictures by Karolina Maruszak 

Sad Birds Pavilion - based on the novel of the same name by Bahtiyar Ali - takes you back to the past and the present. Sad Birds Pavilion follows the traces of a traditional Kurdish narrative and the musical beauty of the Kurdish language in a contemporary new form of expression.  Stories of today are interwoven with the past. A journey in scents, sounds, time, colours, songs and body. In search of lost traces. Without fear. What makes us us?  Tickets & info...


Cloud Catcher - Gwendoline Robin
22/10/21 - 09/01/22: Extra City, Provinciestraat 112, 2018 Antwerp (BE)

This project, born out of a collaboration with Simon Siegman, with whom Gwendoline Robin has worked for many years, is linked to the idea of the open landscape. They drew inspiration from the spectacular landscapes, deserts and mountain ranges on a previous prospecting trip to Chile. In these arid areas, “cloud catch” nets are installed to capture the droplets of the morning mist, in order to irrigate the plantations. These nets are a starting point for creating they're new performative installation and triggered they're collaboration with scientific research.

Cloud Catcher is part of the temporary exhibition: Fabrics of Nature by Extra City.


Aymeric Ebrard - WAMPUMS
© Sebastiaan Franco

Christian Bakalov - BRIGHT
© Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker
YouYou Group - YOUYOUYOU
© Sebastiaan Franco

© Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker


11 Seconds - Charlotte Bouckaert
23/10 - 24/10: De Brakke Grond, Nes 45, 1012 KD Amsterdam (NL)
© Picture by Dries Segers // Trailer by Bas Schevers

Eleven seconds: that is the average time we spend on a work of art. In 11 seconds, Charlotte Bouckaert and her audience watch one photograph for a long time: an exterior view of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. On the stage is a work table with paper, scissors, paint, etc. The workshop of a bricoleur. A video camera projects what is happening on the table onto the back wall. The performer continuously manipulates the photo and makes our reading of the image shift. Read more...

Watch the trailer here!

Gilgamesh - Mesut Arslan
18/10 - 29/10: Walpurgis, Deurneleitje 6, 2640 Mortsel (BE)
© Foto by Marsel van Oosten

For his latest creation, director Mesut Arslan set to work with the magisterial Gilgamesh epic. Not as a tale of immortality, as it has been told for thousands of years, but as an epic about learning to die. In the collection of heroic stories, Gilgamesh who is often accompanied by his friend Enkidu, experiences mythological adventures. In addition, he confronts himself with existential questions concerning, among other things, the awareness of mortality. Together with Mesut Alp, archaeologist and expert on Mesopotamia, Mesut Arslan rewrote the epic and excavated a number of contemporary core themes from it. Arslan and Alp treat the encounter between Enkidu and Gilgamesh as one that puts nature against civilization, Homo Sapiens against Neanderthals, and time against space. Read more...

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