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“Hold my hand in yours and we will not fear what hands like ours can do.”
- Anonymous, 'The Epic Of Gilgamesh'.

MOVE 37 - Thomas Ryckewaert / Platform 0090
11 - 12/12:  Monty, Antwerp, Belgium
© Koen Broos

In 2016 AlphaGo, a deep neural network developed by Google’s Deepmind, challenges the world champion of Go, Lee Sedol. Go is the oldest board game in the world and despite its simple appearance, the number of possible board positions in a Go game exceeds the amount of atoms in the universe. It is won by the presumed exclusively human skills of intuition and creativity, so no one expects a computer to be able to beat a human player. But the implausible happens: AlphaGo beats Sedol 4 – 1 and hits the front page of Nature.

With cosmologist Thomas Hertog, Ryckewaert presents an unusual lecture performance on the radically weird. They join on a trip through the dark, cool horror of the intelligent machine, the beauty of fading conventions on what is human at all, through time and space warped in black holes. In this lecture performance nothing is what it seems, human becomes alien, the computer intuitive, perception is deceived and the robot dreams. Read more...

DAVUL - Hüseyin Umaysiz / Platform 0090
10 - 11/12: Winternights, Maastricht, Netherlands. (Showcase Work-in-Progress)
© Hüseyin Umaysiz

In DAVUL we attempt to make vibrations in different frequencies visible and to investigate how this changes the consciousness of our humanity. We will do this in different ways, starting from different types of vibrations: the vibration of a drum, voice, body and image. By making vibrations audible and visible, we want to recall and redefine the initial agreements between us as humans and nature. Communication is reinvented, we enter into discussion with the past.

To make the universal frequencies visible, audible and tangible and to return, as it were, to the first fundamental awareness of existence and the first contact with the world, we choose the davul as a partner for Hüseyin as performer. The davul is an organic percussion instrument from Turkey. It is still being used in its original form and function; a large drum consisting of two sheets and a wood construction. During the performance, the davul interacts with the voice, physical material, images and movements of the human body. Read more...

SAD BIRDS PAVILION - Hüseyin Umaysiz 
5/12: TAK theater, Berlin, Germany 
© Hüseyin Umaysiz

Sad Birds Pavilion - based on the novel of the same name by Bahtiyar Ali - takes you back to the past and the present. Sad Birds Pavilion follows the traces of a traditional Kurdish narrative and the musical beauty of the Kurdish language in a contemporary new form of expression.  Stories of today are interwoven with the past. A journey in scents, sounds, time, colours, songs and body. In search of lost traces. Without fear. What makes us us? Read more...

0032 PROJECT ISTANBUL - Bart Lodewijks
6/12 - 18/12: Istanbul, Turkey
© Bart Lodewijks

Bart Lodewijks is invited by Platform 0090 in the frame of our 0032 project. 
Bart Lodewijks (NL 1972) makes large scale, linear chalk drawings in public and private spaces. The drawings can be found on building facades, in hospitals and offices, but also inside private homes and the surrounding streets. His distinct abstract drawings respond to the social context in which they are made
During this working period he will explore part of the city, work with his characteristic chalk lines, investigating the public spaces. Learn more...


November - December: Vonk Kunstenwerkplaats, Hasselt, Belgium
In November and the beginning of December, Meryem Bayram was in residence in Vonk Kunstenwerkplaats. 
Pictures © Hasan Bayram


Enkidu Khaled  / Platform 0090
3 - 4/12/2021: Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
8 - 9/12/2021: De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Netherlands

After several successful performances, we are compelled to take a break from touring with GOD99 due to the new Covid regulations in the Netherlands. New dates in 2022 will be communicated soon! Meanwhile, we invite you to read the review from Etcetera.

Emre Hüner

Until 2/01/22: ARTER, Istanbul, Turkey

Gilgamesh - Mesut Arslan / Platform 0090
20/12 - 23/12: Dommelhof, Pelt, Belgium

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