Biblijski institut News  -  December 2012
Beginning of the 2012-2013 Academic Year
Our 2012-2013 academic year started on Tuesday, October 9. Every year Biblijski institut concentrates on a different theme. The theme for this year is Growth Through Community. We will focus on community in the following areas:
As a learning community, we will work on developing relationships between:
• Teachers and Students
• Students
• Authors and Readers

As part of the larger academic community, we will work to expand relationships with:
• Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia
• The University of Zagreb
• Abilene Christian University – USA
• Lipscomb University – USA

Biblijski institut on Croatian National Television

Croatian National Television came to interview some of our students and faculty about the new academic year and their work at Biblijski institut.

Watch here the video that was featured on the TV special, “Duhovni izazovi” (Spiritual Challenges):

Student Spotlight
Vatroslav Župančić

Vatroslav was one of our graduates this fall. He is a husband and a father of two children. He is also an accomplished chef. On November 10, Vatroslav presented a lecture at the Croatian Institute of History in Zagreb. His lecture was part of the scientific symposium, “Germans and Austrians in the Croatian Cultural Circle.” In his presentation, Vatroslav introduced his research about the religious magazine, “Entscheidung für Christus un sein Wort,” a German Pentecostal magazine that was published between the two World Wars.

Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Stanko Jambrek

Dr. Jambrek was recently appointed as our new Academic Dean. As such, he is responsible for leading our faculty, as well as helping to decide about curriculum, and advising students in academic matters.


On Saturday, October 6, we held our ceremony honoring our graduates for 2012. We celebrated this milestone with eight students. Please join us in congratulating these graduates:
Damir Mijaljević                     Advanced Certificate for Church Leaders
Karlo Biočina                         Bachelor of Theology
Matina Ćaran                         Bachelor of Theology CUM LAUDE
Matija Mihoković                  Bachelor of Theology
Darijan Radić                         Bachelor of Theology
Vatroslav Župančić               Bachelor of Theology
Ivan Karadža                         Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (ACU)
Juliana Kovačević                Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (ACU)
Abilene Christian University sent two representatives for the occasion. One of whom was Dr. Mark Hamilton, Associate Dean of ACU's Graduate School of Theology. He also gave the keynote speech. Please join us in thanking God for these eight graduates, and in praying for them and their future ministries.


Reformation Day
For Reformation Day, on Monday, October 29, the Protestant Evangelical Alliance of Croatia, in cooperation with Biblijski institut, organized a lecture entitled, “From Gutenberg to Google: The Contribution of the Reformation to Contemporary Europe.” Our own Dr. Stanko Jambrek, professor of Church History, spoke at the Library, “Tin Ujevič,” in Zagreb. In his presentation, he emphasized that, during the Reformation, the recently invented printing press was used to make the Bible available to people in their own language. Likewise, he said that there is an opportunity before today's Christians to make use of Google as a tool through which the Gospel message can reach every person. He also pointed out that the modern values of contemporary Europe and western civilization are in many ways a product of the Reformation. After the lecture, our professor Danijel Berković presented his recently released book, "Biblijski hebrejsko-hrvatski rječnik" (Biblical Hebrew-Croatian Dictionary), which was published jointly by the Croatian Bible Society and Biblijski institut.



Dr. John Cooke To Be With Us
Dr. John Cooke will again be with us in January. The week of January 21-25, he will offer his seminar class, “Introduction to Pastoral Care.” This class is part of our on-going series of seminar classes in Christian counseling. We look forward to hosting Dr. Cooke again. His classes are always well-attended and well-received by students.


 Faculty News 

  Professor Danijel Berković
recently completed and published his Biblical Hebrew-Croatian Dictionary.

Several of our faculty members are currently involved in a Bible translation project with Bible League International. The project is a Croatian modern language translation of the Old Testament.


 Student News 

   Daniel Jambrek is active in serving with the Croatian Christian student and youth organization, STEP.

   Almir Pehlić has started organizing monthly sessions of Christian poetry readings. Some of these events are taking place in the Biblijski institut library on Amruševa street.

   Several of our students, led by Filip Grujić, have formed a “futsal” team, representing Biblijski institut. Futsal is indoor soccer, played in a gymnasium. They will be competing in a Zagreb inter-university league.


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