Biblijski institut News  -  November 2015

The Expanding Ministry of Biblijski Institut
The mission of Biblijski institut is “to help individuals to prepare for life and service to others, through the knowledge of God and His truth as they are revealed in the Bible.”  We are thankful that God has allowed us to “help” hundreds of students in this way. We have also discovered that a vital part of our ministry is to provide much needed, quality, Biblically based printed material in the Croatian language, for our students, and for church leaders.

Eastern European Mission has partnered with us to print and distribute over 15,000 children’s Bibles and over 10,000 New Testaments. Please send a note to EEM, thanking them for this. Together with EEM, we are dreaming of placing Bibles in every school in Croatia. As we sponsor “Bible Week” in 2016, we will have the opportunity to continue to encourage the reading of the Word of God and to give away thousands of Bibles and evangelistic materials.

Biblijski institut also needs to publish materials such as textbooks, teaching and training materials, and other books that are beyond the mission of EEM. Right now there is an urgent need to translate, print, and publish four textbooks. The Institute has received publishing permission from the copyright holders of all four books, but we do not have the funds to publish them! The average cost of completing the process for each book is $2,400. We need the help of our partners in this. Please see the information below (Central European Christian Education Foundation) about how you can contribute. Mark your contribution “For Books.” Please also pray as we distribute Bibles and evangelistic materials to individuals and churches. This is an important part of the ministry to which God is calling us.

Tom Sibley, Director

ACU Masters Classes Begin
On September 7-12, we hosted the first class in our new partnership with Abilene Christian University (ACU). These are master’s level classes that are held at our facility in Zagreb, in satisfaction of the residency requirement for three online master’s degree programs in ACU’s Graduate School of Theology. Students can choose from an MA in Global Service, MA in Christian Ministry, or Master of Divinity.
ACU’s Dr. Melinda Thompson came in September to teach the class, “Foundations of the Theology of Ministry.” We had students from Croatia, as well as those who traveled from the USA and England to come be part of the class here in Zagreb.

The residency requirements for the GST’s online degrees are an Association of Theological Schools approved exception to Degree Program Standard A, section A.3.I.3., and Standard B, section B.3.1.3.

Student Spotlight
Joshua Židov
Joshua is a second year student. He came to the Institute out of a call and desire to serve God. He wants to learn more about God and the Bible. Joshua helps lead worship at his church, and in his free time he enjoys music and playing his guitar.


Faculty Spotlight
Matina Ćaran
Matina is a graduate of Biblijski institut. She also serves as our librarian. Matina recently received her Master of Library Science degree from the University of Zagreb. In September she participated in the annual General Assembly of the European Theological Libraries Association (BETH), which was held in Bologna, Italy. Matina has an interest in Spiritual Formation and enjoys helping people locate resources to help them in their spiritual growth.



Preaching Seminar Held
On October 13-15, Biblijski institut hosted a seminar on preaching. The seminar was intended for those who preach, or desire to preach; to help them enhance their art and increase their skills in sermon conception, preparation, and delivery. Lessons included the rationale and purpose of preaching, and effective elements and organization of sermons. Participants were given examples of sermons, as well as led through the process of developing a sermon. Presenters were:
•   Dr. Otniel Bunaciu, Bucharest, Romania - President of the European      
    Baptist Federation

•   Don McLaughlin, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Pulpit minister of the North
    Atlanta Church of Christ

The seminar was well-received, with an attendance of about 35 local ministers and church leaders.

Center for Biblical Research Offers Classes in Hebrew
Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, our Center for Biblical Research has offered classes in the Hebrew language, for both our students and for the community at large. A significant number of participants from various Christian denominations showed great interest and enthusiasm for participating in these lessons. Classes are held at the Center (Gajeva street 9A) on Saturdays. The focus of these classes is on the ancient Hebrew language, to help in understanding of original Old Testament texts. Classes are taught by our professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Danijel Berković. For more information about these classes and when they will be offered in the future, please contact the Center at

Accreditation News
We mentioned in our last newsletter that Biblijski institut was accepted into membership of the European Evangelical Accrediting Association (EEAA). We continue to work through the process of becoming a candidate for accreditation by this quality assurance network serving evangelical theological schools in Europe. EEAA is a charter member of the International Council for Theological Education (ICETE). Our director, Tom Sibley, and Academic Dean, Stanko Jambrek, will attend a conference organized by ICETE in Turkey later in November. We also continue to pursue steps necessary to submit papers for accreditation by the Croatian Ministry of Education.

 Faculty and Staff News 
Our librarian, Matina Ćaran, recently completed her Master's Degree in Library Science from the University of Zagreb.

Staff member Vatroslav Župančić recently was in Berlin, Germany for research on his Master's Degree at the Central Evangelical Archive. Based on the outcome of this research, he received his master’s degree in Church History from the University of Zagreb.

Registrar Ivan Karadža made a trip this fall to eastern Croatia, to provide assistance with the refugee crisis.

Assistant Librarian, Koraljka Rožić has been accepted into the Master of Library Science program at the University of Zagreb.

Central European Christian Education Foundation
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