Biblijski institut News  -  May 2016

Our student, Aleksandar Vladisavljev (1976-1916)

    On the 31st of March, after a short and very difficult illness, our dear student and brother in Christ Aleksandar died. He was in his forties. The funeral was held in Novi Sad, Serbia, Aleksandar’s hometown. Some of our students and other representatives of the Institute were there. On the 11th of April, a students’ worship service was held at the Institute as a remembrance of Aleksandar. With deep sorrow in the hearts of many among us, we still have hope that one day we will see our friend again, together with our Lord. 



600 Children’s Bibles given away to the elementary school in Samobor

Biblijski institut continues with giving away Children’s Bibles. This time we gave 600 Children’s Bibles to the children of  elementary school Bogumil Toni,


in the nearby city of Samobor.
We are praying that those kids, their parents, and catechism teachers will be blessed by this donation. Continued thanks to our partnering ministry, Eastern European Mission, for helping make this possible.

Student Spotlight
Nino Brozinčević
Nino Brozinčević, alumni of Biblijski institut, finished his Masters at the Department of Philosophy and Humanities of the University of Zagreb. His area of study was Medieval History.

Faculty Spotlight
Danijel Časni
Danijel Časni was on Sunday, the 10th of April, ordained as an elder of the Baptist Church in the Dubrava neighborhood of Zagreb. A message from God’s Word was shared by pastor Darko Mikulić from Slavonski Brod. The ordination was led by the general secretary of the Baptist Union in Croatia, Željko Mraz. With words of blessing and encouragement, Danijel was challenged to an even more dedicated and sanctified life in service to the Lord.

New project - Bible for Youth

As a continuation of the project of giving away Children’s Bibles to the children of the lower grades of elementary schools, there was a need for translating a Bible for Youth into the Croatian language. This Bible is intended for children in 6th to 8th grades. In Croatia those grades are the upper grades of our elementary schools. Biblijski institut will also work to help with the distribution of those Bibles, so that many kids will receive their Bible.   


Presentation of the project “Croatian Psalter”

Organized by our Center for Biblical Research, on the 19th of March in the reading room of  Biblijski institut (Gajeva 9a), there was held a presentation of the project, "Croatian Psalter”.
Translations done by Burgenland Croats, Ignac Kristijanović, Antun Vranić, Ivan Matija Škarić, Bartol Kašić, and Luka Bračanin, were presented. Croatian National Television was present for this event.


 Faculty and Staff News 

Stanko Jambrek and Thomas Sibley taught the first classes for students in the program for the Certificate of Applied Theology, currently being offered in the city of Čakovec. 

Ervin Budiselić and Goran Medved held two classes as part of our program, “Life Academy”, on Wednesday, the 20th of April, at the Evangelical Pentecostal Church, “Rock of Salvation.” This program is designed to be delivered at local churches, and addresses current and important issues for evangelical Christianity

Thomas Sibley and Steve Taliaferro participated at the 21st Spiritual Renewal Retreat of Churches of Christ, in the city of Crikvenica.
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