Biblijski institut News  -  September 2012

Enrollment for New Academic Year, Start of Fall Semester

The enrollment period for the next academic year is open, now through the 20th of September. The new academic year, and the fall semester, start on Saturday, the 6th of October, with an event honoring our graduates for 2012. Classes for the fall semester begin on Monday, October 8. Please pray along with us for the future work God has for our graduates, and for the people who will come to know Jesus because of their ministries. Pray also that God will continue to bring to us the new students he intends for us for the new academic year.

Biblijski institut Open House Featured on Croatian National Television

The last week of the spring semester (June 11-14) Biblijski institut opened its doors to the public. This was a time for prospective students to meet us, find out more about our programs, sit in on a class, and visit our library facilities. Croatian National Television was present to cover the event and interview some of our students and faculty.

Watch here a video of the presentation that was featured on the evening news:

Biblijski institut - Public Open House - June 2012

Student Spotlight
Karlo Biočina

Karlo is in his last, or finishing, year as a student at Biblijski institut. He is a leader in the Zagreb house church movement called "Borongaj." The "Borongajci," as they are called, meet together corporately as a larger body each week, but the DNA of the church, and where most ministry happens, is in the house churches. Karlo leads the Borongaj house church in the southern part of Zagreb. Karlo and the Borongajci were recently featured in an article in the magazine, Christianity Today.

Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Stanko Jambrek

Dr. Jambrek is professor of Church History and Theology. His field of particular expertise is in the history of the Reformation among the Croatian people. He has written several books on the subject. He is also editor of our evangelical theological journal, Kairos. Dr. Jambrek recently successfully defended his doctoral dissertation entitled, "Reformation in the Croatian Historical Countries in the European Context."


Champs Camp II
On June 18-21 the second annual Champs Camp was held in Zagreb. Champs Camp is a day camp for elementary school age children from the community. It's a high energy program with lots of singing, games, crafts, and, of course, Bible lessons. This program was started last summer with the help of a large group from the Round Rock Church of Christ in Round Rock, Texas. This year, Biblijski institut again sponsored the camp, along with a new Croatian partner, Društvo Prijatelja Biblije (Association of Friends of the Bible). We had a much smaller group from Texas this time, but many more Croatian volunteers. We had about 75 kids who came to the camp. Once again the program seemed to be well received by both children and parents. One of the most exciting aspects was that we had several children who will be too old for the camp next year who said that they would like to help with it next time. It is encouraging that these kids see something in the camp and something in us with which they want to stay connected.


Translation and Publication of the Cape Town Commitment

Biblijski institut recently cooperated with the Protestant Evangelical Alliance of Croatia in the translation and publication of the Cape Town Commitment in the Croatian language. The Cape Town Commitment is a Christian manifesto for world-wide evangelism that came out of the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, held in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2010. The congress brought together more than 4,000 evangelicals from more than 190 countries. The goal of the conference was to provide a fresh challenge for evangelism to the global church. This resulting document built upon the ideals of the Manila Manifesto of 1989 and the original Lausanne Covenant of 1974. For more information on the Lausanne Movement:



Biblijski institut Participation in City Events: Michael W. Smith and Nick Vujičić

In the spring, Zagreb was host to a concert by Christian singer Michael W. Smith. We took the opportunity to represent Biblijski institut to the public. We had a display table in the foyer of the concert hall, with staff available to visit with people about our school and our programs. Later this month, Zagreb will host Nick Vujičić for a speaking event. Nick Vujičić was born to a Serbian family living in Australia. He was also born without arms and legs. He uses his uniqueness as an individual to talk to people about finding hope and meaning in life, in spite of difficult circumstances. He also speaks about his faith in God, God's eagerness to use willing hearts to do his work, and God's ability to overcome disabilities. Many churches in Zagreb are seeing this event as a significant opportunity for evangelism. Biblijski institut will have several staff and students participating in the event.


 Faculty News 

  Danijel Berković
- Professor Berković, our resident expert in the Hebrew language, recently finished work on a new Hebrew/Croatian dictionary, which will be published this fall.

   Mladen Jovanović - Professor Jovanović was invited by the Churches of Christ in Albania to be the keynote speaker at their third annual summer camp. He was also invited to participate this month in the 20th anniversary celebration of the Churches of Christ in Albania.

   Tom Sibley - Director and Professor Sibley was the keynote speaker for the 43rd annual family summer camp of the Churches of Christ in Croatia. The camp was a great evangelistic opportunity, as there were several non-Christian friends and neighbors in attendance. He spoke on the topic of the Adventure of Following Jesus. Dr. Sibley also traveled to Prague this month to speak at the annual region-wide retreat of Churches of Christ in central Europe.


 Student News 

   Filip Grujić - Filip worked this summer at the Christian Life Center, a Christian retreat center in the coastal town of Crikvenica, Croatia. He also worked at the Croatian Baptist Union's summer youth camp, which is attended by youth from many different church backgrounds. He gave a great, inspiring lesson one evening and many of the youth present made decisions to follow Jesus as a result.

   Stela Juriček - Stela, a Biblijski institut graduate, recently started working for the local Christian organization, Društvo Prijatelja Biblije (Association of Friends of the Bible). Stela has made a great impression at DPB for her quality of work there.

   Vatroslav Župančić - Besides being one of our students, Vatroslav is also an accomplished chef. In addition to spending his summer writing his final paper for his studies with us, he was also working with a group of Israeli tourists, cooking Kosher meals for them during their stay in Croatia.


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