Biblijski institut News  -  November 2013

New Academic Year Begins

The new academic year for Biblijski institut began the first week of October. We are excited about the new year, new students, and new opportunities for being part of spreading the gospel in Croatia.

Book Promotion:
"I Riječ Crkvom Postade"
(And the Word become the Church)

On June 21, in the Library and Reading Room Bogdana Ogrizovića, our professor of Homiletics at Biblijski institut, Mladen Jovanović, who passed away in September, officially introduced his new book, "I Riječ Crkvom Postade" (And the Word become the Church). The book was published by Biblijski institut and was presented as an introduction to the ecclesiology of the reformed churches.

The author discussed the role of the Bible, God's kingdom, baptism, and the Lord's supper, music, and preaching in the context of the local Church. This presentation was also attended by Predrag Matvejević, known publicist and professor of the Faculty of the Sorbonne, who was involved in a conversation about the book. We are proud to have been able to publish this last work of Mladen's.

Student Spotlight
Stela Juriček

Stela Juriček is a graduate of Biblijski institut. She is currently working as Community Relations Team Leader with the Croatian, Christian organization, Društvo prijatelja Biblije (Association of Friends of the Bible). Stela is doing a great job with DPB and we are proud of her in that role. Stela is also currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Counseling at the Evangelical Theological Seminary, in Osijek, Croatia.

Faculty Spotlight
Steve Taliaferro, M.Ed.

Steve Taliaferro's main role at Biblijski institut is as our Project Manager. As such, he has involvement in many different areas organizationally and "behind the scenes." In addition, he also teaches our course in Pedagogy (how to teach others). Steve holds a Masters Degree in Education from Abilene Christian University. Originally from Texas, with a long history of involvement in short-term missions in Croatia, as well as with mission work in other parts of central and eastern Europe, Steve now calls Croatia home.

Champs Camp III 

Held June 17-20, Champs Camp was again a great success this summer. We thank God for His blessings in this event. We had several Americans who came to lend their talents, as well as their native English. We also had many Croatian volunteers from several different churches, without whom this program would be impossible. The program was again sponsored by Biblijski institut, as a service to our community.

This year was our biggest camp so far, with 80 children registered! It seemed that the camp was full of joy, even though it was very hot. For four days the children had a great time playing games, hearing stories from the Bible, making crafts, singing songs, and having lots of fun. The theme of the camp was "God is My Rock." A new aspect of the camp we added this year was having some of the children from previous years (who are now too old to be campers themselves) to help with the camp. We then did some special activities with just these teenagers for three days after the camp was over. It was a great time together for all of us, and we are looking forward to similar events in the future.

Pastoral Care Seminar Class

Dr. John Cooke's intensive seminar course on the topic, "Pastoral Counseling," as part of the undergraduate and graduate studies at Biblijski institut, was held from May 31 to June 6. As usual, Dr. Cooke's class was well received by our students, and was also attend by some from the larger church community.


Srcokret III

A Christian student conference, Srcokret, was again held this fall, October 31 – November 3. Biblijski institut was involved with an information table and display.

  Upcoming International Conference: 
Jesus of Nazareth - Traces from Biblical Traditions and Texts

This will be a three day conference in Zagreb, held January 23-25, and organized by Biblijski institut. The conference will be open to the public and will focus on presenting the person and ministry of Jesus as revealed in both the Old and New Testaments. Speakers will include educators and theologians from Croatia, Europe, and the United States.



 Student News 

 Dalia Matijević is part of a team working on a new translation of the Old Testament into Croatian.

      Three of last year's graduates of Biblijski institut are now pursuing graduate work: Darijan Radić, Matina Ćaran, and Vatroslav Župančić.

 Dražen Hrženjak recently traveled to Korea, where he participated in training for leaders who work with Christian organizations for military personnel.

  Filip Grujić was married in the spring.

  Igman Čokić was married in September.

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