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Dear friends,


Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the Kickstarter fundraising campaign for with WINGS and ROOTS. In just one week we have raised $5,640 to complete the film! If you haven’t donated yet, please consider donating right now!

In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the impact of the work we’ve done in the last year, and give you a sense of what we plan to do with the completed film.

Since 2012, we have done 66 screenings of our two short films in the USA, Germany, & the UK, most with accompanying workshops on issues like bullying, Islamophobia, immigrant rights, Sikh awareness, and exploring one's own migration story & identity. This list exemplifies the intersectional approach of the project, and the way we are creating connections around issues of immigration, racism, Islamophobia and the need to reimagine belonging.

In New York, Sonny Singh, an educator and one of the film's protagonists, has been screening “Article of Faith” in schools and universities. This ten minute film tells Sonny’s story of experiencing harassment and his activism with the Sikh Coalition to improve school policies. The response from students has been powerful.  

Sonny recently received a stack of thank you letters from 4th graders who watched the film last week. One student wrote:

“[What] stood out to me was how you wished you were a different person. I feel like that too because I sometimes wish I was a different color, but now I love my color and who I am... I learned by you, Do not let people bring you down!”

Another fourth grader wrote:

“...I learned to not keep your feelings to yourself. I am grateful because you talked about bullying based on your life.... you are my role model for being the way you are and for having no fear.”

Time and time again, we have found that 'Article of Faith' and 'Where are you from from?' resonate with students and open space for them to share their own experiences. Sonny wrote aobut the transformative experience he's had screening the film in a blog post.

We want to continue this work, providing educators, activists, and young people with tools to spark these critical conversations. With your support, we can complete the feature-length film, expand this work and accomplish SO MUCH MORE!

This campaign is ALL or NOTHING, so we have to raise the entire 23,000 to get any of the donations. Please make a donation today, and spread the word about this campaign to your friends and networks. Together, we can make it happen.

With gratitude,

Christina, Sonny, Khorshid, Angela, Ariela, Roman, Tania, Marina, & Cesar

Sample FB post:
Check out [TAG]with WINGS and ROOTS, a film that tells the story of 5 artists and activists with immigrant parents in Berlin and New York. The film explores the intersections of immigration and racism, offering new visions of belonging - help them complete this project!

Twitter: Support exciting film that reframes #migration & belonging through stories of children of immigrants @wingsrootsfilm

Thank you drawing for Sonny

About the film:

A 90-minute documentary, with WINGS and ROOTS tells the coming of age stories of five children of immigrants in New York City and Berlin who are challenging boundaries and redefining belonging through their artwork and activism. These young adults, whose parents hail from Bolivia, India,Turkey, Macedonia, and Vietnam, are so often considered outsiders in both mainstream society and “their own” communities. Grappling with the pressure to assimilate on one hand, and the pressure to “preserve” their cultures on the other, they forge their own paths as they take the next major steps in their lives: career, marriage, children, and pursuing the right to citizenship. Set in two migration cities on different continents, with WINGS and ROOTS highlights underrepresented voices and uses an unprecedented comparative lens that breathes fresh life into an urgent social issue so often mired by clichés. Directed and produced by Christina Antonakos-Wallace in collaboration with a Berlin/New York-based team.

Our Impact

In the US, we often think of immigration as a uniquely American issue. Rarely do we see the overlapping experiences of immigrant communities around the world. The stories in with WINGS and ROOTS force us to recognize the interconnectedness of our struggles and reimagine belonging beyond national borders.

Using short and long form documentary films, educational workshops, and an interactive website, with WINGS and ROOTS aims to facilitate conversations in European and North American urban centers about the intersection migration, racism, and notions of belonging. To date, the project has already released two award-winning short films, Article of Faith and Where are you from from?, while the feature length film and interactive website are currently in progress. The short films have screened at nearly 100 events in Europe and North America, often accompanied by workshops on issues like bias-based bullying, immigrant rights, post-9/11 racism, and Islamophobia.  
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