February 18, 2015
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Scholar in Residence Aharon Ariel Lavi!
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The Jewish Response to the Copernican Revolution
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Dvar Torah by Aharon Ariel Lavi:
Efforts at incorporating the Ultra Orthodox into the Israeli Economy
Kiddush sponsored by Eileen Hecht and Hugh Lippman for the yahrtzeit of her mother and father
Post Kiddush talk:
Shemitta past and present and what we can learn from it
Shabbat ends   6:30pm
Hebrew School
Tuesday/Adult Education
Tanach/Joel   6pm
Siddur   6:45pm

The order of the Torah portions starting from Mount Sinai until the conclusion of Exodus has been the catalyst for much discussion. The 10 Commandments are followed by the civil law which is then followed by the Tabernacle, which is bifurcated by the Sin of the Golden Calf.
The main question that the sages debate was whether the tabernacle preceded the golden calf or was a reaction to it. The conventional approach is that the Tabernacle/Temple was always part of the divine plan, representing the culmination of God's goal for mankind from creation. The golden calf was an unfortunate backsliding of the Israelites subsequent to its operation.
A maverick approach has it that the tabernacle was not part of the original plan and only emerged as a way to pull the Israelites out of their spiritual morass. The fact that civil law immediately follows the 10 commandments demonstrates that the people were expected to maintain that high level of holiness just practicing laws between themselves. Their involvement with the golden calf demonstrated that the status quo wasn't realistic so a tabernacle became necessary.
And even though the order has the tabernacle coming before the golden calf, they explain that as out of respect to the tabernacle.

Rabbi Jonathan Glass

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