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Audit Committee 


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We have a number of processes in place to ensure our fiscal responsibility and transparency - and one of the most important is the Audit Committee. On behalf of the Members, the Audit Committee ensures our processes are implemented and improved on, confirming our Union Contributions are utilized for the benefit of all Members.

As per Article 6.12 of the Constitution, "The Audit Committee shall be a standing committee of the Union and will consist of three members appointed by the National Executive Board."


The National Executive Board is now accepting nominations from Members who would like to participate on the Audit Committee for a three-year term. Interested Members should be prepared to meet 12 times per year and be involved in the annual fiscal review process that is led by our auditors.

Please fill out and sign the nomination form and send to your nominee via e-signature via the link below.

All nominations must be received by the National Office no later than Thursday August 11, 2022.

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National Executive Board
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