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This is the promised newsletter completely dedicated to New Grace. This past year much has happened with this project. You have already received updates on the purchase of land and the construction of the first building on this land. But so far we have not been able to say much about the possibility of sponsoring children and young people in New Grace Home.

Johan got the idea to start the Forerunner Foundation when he visited India. New Grace Home was therefore at the cradle of the foundation. Even now though Johan has quit as president and director of Forerunner and is working at YWAM, there is intensive cooperation with him around New Grace. Just a refresher - New Grace was founded by the Jena family their work consists of:
  • New Grace Mission: evangelism, discipleship, training and church planting in the (unreached) mountain villages. A part of this work is:
  • New Grace Home: supporting children and teens.

How are things going at New Grace Home?

New Grace Home has been financially supported by Forerunner since the very start. In this partnership the Jena family opens their home and heart to children and young people, and the Forerunner Foundation helps them to carry this out practically and financially. When they started taking in children (over 10 years ago), the youngest was 4 and the oldest 10 years of age. Today the oldest is already 20 and has almost finished his vocational training! Over the years, however, the work has grown so much that more help is desperately needed to keep it going... 
They currently live with 3 families and 39 children in 3 houses, of which also a part has been demolished and collapsed. Practically there is a big shortage of space for washing, cooking, sleeping etc. For this reason land has been purchased and work is currently underway to construct 2 buildings with a kitchen and bathrooms that can accommodate almost 40 children and youth and their caregivers. One building with sleeping accommodation for the girls, and one building with sleeping accommodation for the boys and a room etc. for training church leaders from the mountain villages where New Grace Mission has reached the (until recently unreached) tribes with the gospel.

At the moment, the rough construction of the first building is almost finished and we can start with the finishing touches (windows, doors, kitchen, bathrooms etc) and then the interior. However, construction will only continue when the next payment is received. This month we still need €13.500! We pray that enough money will come in to finish the construction and also to furnish the rooms, for instance buying beds and kitchenware. The children pray specifically that this will get finished before the wet season, so that when it is raining a lot, they will no longer have to live so cramped and sleep on the floor.

An exciting project in faith

Both the Forerunner board and Johan and Alette had the impression that we had to take the step in faith to start building for these inspiring people, even though we had no idea how the money would come in. So this is a very exciting process for all people involved in dependence on God and faith that He will provide.
It is a miracle that it was possible to buy the land for €40.000 and that so far over €40.000 has been raised for the construction. We are very grateful and amazed at how this has worked out so far. However, we still have a long way to go and still need a lot of help. To keep the construction going we will need another €13.500 (or $15.835) this month!
I want to give to the buildingproject

Would you build with us?

Maybe even with your entire church or youth group? With your company? If you are interested in bringing attention to this project somewhere, please get in touch

Help a child

Since the very beginning, the Forerunner Foundation has been sending money to the children at New Grace Home. None of the volunteers or board members get paid for their work and everything is done as efficiently as possible to be able to send all the money there is to these children. However, there are only a few monthly donations made specifically  for the children in New Grace Home (partly because we were never able to communicate this properly until now).

Unfortunately last year the money we could give was too little to cover basic living costs and school fees. Due to rising costs (inflation, the corona crisis) and the ever-growing number of children, there is far too little money to properly care for the children. The Jena's have always lived very minimalistic with the children, it's no problem to them to live a simple life and share everything they have. The children's home situation was often so poor and lonely that it's a big improvement to live in the warm community of New Grace Home. Even though they sleep on the living room floor.
There is nothing wrong with simple living... but it shocked and saddened us deeply to hear that the children were given almost no vegetables, fruit, meat or eggs to eat. The last year there was only enough money for rice and twice a month lentils. There must be another way!

Therefore the Forerunner board, together with the Jena's, and Johan and Alette, started to work hard to set up a sponsorship program! The Jena's have spoken with each child, took a picture of them and asked them to tell us about who they are, what they like to do and what their dreams for the future are.  We have been busy putting all that information into profiles making all the practical arrangements make it possible for people to support a child or teenager!

Vision New Grace Home

Learn - provide the children with an education and give them the opportunity to learn to be a follower of Jesus. 
Live - support children in putting into practice what they have learned and guide them to be able to stand on their own feet emotionally, spiritually and financially.
Lead - training young people to pass on what they have learned in their communities

Change in the entire community

New Grace not only wants to bring hope and change to the lives of the children, but to the entire community in the remote mountain villages of the Kuvi tribe. From their vision: 'Live, learn, lead' it is a intentional choice to take in children not only during the years they are small and vulnerable, but until they are young adults who can stand on their own two feet. Until they can spiritually and practically become the new leaders in their environment. To truly escape from the vicious circle of poverty, they must be trained for a profession. In order to get a decent job they must complete primary and secondary school, as well as vocational education. Then they can start to give back to their village and family from that professional knowledge. For that reason there are many teenagers in the program who need your help to change their own community!

For example, there are several youth who are studying to become teachers so they can start an elementary school in their home village. Others study diligently to get a good job so they can financially support their wider family and helpt them escape extreme poverty. Curious about their dreams for the future?
View sponsorprofiles

How about you?

Now it's your turn... will you invest in the future of one of these precious children? Will you give them a hopeful future and a chance to break the vicious cycle of poverty? Here you will find more information about how the sponsorship program works and which children are still looking for a sponsor. If you become a sponsor, you will be able to maintain personal contact with your sponsor child. It often means a lot to them to know that someone believes in them and prays for them.
Sign up to sponsor a child
Download a pdf here with more info about New Grace Home, the sponsorship program and the building project! This way you can also invite others to join... 
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