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Newsletter 74
Tororo, Uganda - December 2015
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Dear friends,
Greetings from Uganda! We have arrived here about a week ago and although it was quite a change from Asia, we are now quite settled in for the remaining month of ministry in Uganda and Congo. There have been so many things we’d like to share with you that this newsletter comes a bit earlier than normal, so it won’t become too long. Each place we have travelled to has its own stories, of which you find a selection below.
Grace and peace to you!
Johan & Alette
Help fund a house of prayer training in DR Congo

As soon as 2016 has arrived we are planning to arrive in Goma, DR Congo for two weeks. One of the main components of our stay will be giving a four day training for a group of people that wants to start a house of prayer in this city and region, as well as send out traveling transformation teams that can bring a real, lasting change in villages in the region. Everything has been tried to bring peace, but we believe that what is most needed is that people will collectively turn to the Lord for Him to heal the land (2 Chron 7:14). In other nations the impact of such a place of prayer and such traveling teams has been enormous. The training and our living and traveling costs will be about $1,100 (Due to East Congo being a war zone the costs of living and travel are high). We’d like to ask you to consider giving to make this happen!

Travel updates

Siliguri, India

After the first two weeks in India we traveled North by train for two days. We had no clear plan for these two weeks, we just felt we needed ample time and had some prophetic words about unity and transformation in Siliguri, and the region around, and that we needed to share with those willing. As happened before to Johan whenever he went to Siliguri on an assignment, we started to get sick on the way. And for the third time he broke a tooth in Siliguri! Many other strange things started happening and breaking. Clearly there was a bit of opposition to what the Lord wanted to do in our time here!
On our way to India we began to get stirred on the inside to share about the House of Prayer in Siliguri, and about this new (yet ancient) thing God is doing over all of the earth; that is, establishing his House of Prayer (that is a worshiping and praying church) as the core identity of his House, patterned after the throne room in heaven. We sensed that the Lord is getting ready to establish this reality in Siliguri specifically, and that he wants to raise up prophetic singers and musicians in Siliguri who will stand, minister, and burn before him, and that we would meet ones that were ready and had simliar revelations as we would arrive. This proved true in a very clear way.
Soon after our arrival we met two ladies who excitedly told us how the Lord had been telling them to put everything on hold, to stay put, and that he’d been talking about something to do with prayer. The same day that we arrived they received a prophetic email from a friend saying the “Lord is talking to me about SILIGURI HOUSE OF PRAYER – ‘SHOP’.” A couple, living in the same building as them were also being stirred to learn about ‘House of Prayer’. Another friend had a dream that same night about a ‘shop’ and a place of prayer. A third person from Mumbai came to Siliguri because he believes he needs to help start a house of prayer. A number of other cool confirmations of what we were sensing came up, which are too long to write about. During our time there we prayed and worshiped daily with whoever was willing and available, pressing in in intercession for the Lord to build this reality.
We also felt to take two days to go to Gangtok, Sikkim, in the Himalaya mountains to pray on the high places. There were some victories there, and we came back with a greater peace that some foundational things had been set in place that were ordained for this time here to prepare for the house of prayer. In the last days of our stay we all gathered together with various leaders of various local churches who committed to partnering together in weekly and monthly times of prayer and worship, unto growing into a house of prayer in the future. They all implored us to come back with more people and teach and train many more of them about houses of prayer, worship etcetera. God is raising up people and laying a foundation for an altar of worship and intercession in this region, as well as strengthening and expanding what is already here. We wouldn’t be surprised if He will have us continue to come alongside to undergird the ones that are called to establish night and day prayer in Siliguri in the future.

Kolkata, Goa and Mumbai

Our journey continued back south to Kolkata, where we had a short weekend with the Daisy project, a children’s home that was started by friends of both of us who could not be there at the time. So precious to see the changes in the children, some of whom Johan knew from when they were living on the streets four years ago. We then had five days at the beach in Goa, as a late honeymoon. We had no idea how much we were in need of a restful break! Our 40 days in India were then closed with a weekend with a pastor and his ministry in Mumbai. These were days in which we learned much more about various ministries, Indian city planning, and future plans for a piece of land centered around a house of prayer for orphans, widows, aids victims etc.


Doha, QatarThe shift to Uganda was unexpectedly difficult, but after this first week we have found our peace again. We are with Will and Etta and the Tororo House of Prayer. This week we are preaching daily at the house of prayer on worship and prayer. Apart from that it is a time to catch up as friends; get updated on the ministry and explore possible partnership; and Johan is busy and excited to help them build a decent size aquaponics system to grow their own fish and vegetables. The idea is to model the possibilities, so various missionary teams that are sent out from the bible school to remote and dry places can use these skills to grow or even sell food. Pray for wisdom in how to build it well with the available materials! (Picture on the left: Doha, Qatar, where we had a layover on the way from India)


What we do
We are currently based in the Netherlands and serve in full-time ministry primarily as intercessory missionaries in the House of Prayer, Amersfoort where we spend roughly 20 hours a week.
The other part of our time is given to Forerunner Foundation, administration, and project based activities such as Going Deeper events. We also run a small business sharing pure essential oils out of our home.  Alette studies part-time at Eastern University.
During our first year of marriage we decided to remain based in the Netherlands. Wherever in the world we end up based long-term, the vision, values, and mission remain the same. The House of Prayer is central, together with works of justice that further advance the Kingdom of God. Our long-term location is to be publically announced in the fall (after our first year of marriage!)

For vision and values see:
House of Prayer Amersfoort
Forerunner Foundation
Going Deeper & One Conference



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