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Your response to the questionnaire

As we sought God for new direction and vision, we also wanted to hear your heart and experiences. Therefore, in addition to personal conversations, we also sent out a survey which was completed by 17 missionaries. Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to do this! Everyone who completed the survey has received the results. If you would also like to read this report, please let us know and we will send it to you.  
It was very helpful for us as a board to read the responses. Many of the responses confirmed the direction we were already praying for. Some of the other results were surprising and helped us to identify the blind spots as well.    

A brief summary of the results:

  • Forerunner is mainly seen as a practical organization that supports and facilitates tax-free donations, which is also why most people have been joined. Forerunner carries out these practical matters to great satisfaction. 
  • The low participation and the fact that 17% did not open the mail shows that projects are not always aware of the importance of information provided by Forerunner.  
  • The desire of missionaries is to receive prayer and to experience more personal contact and relationship both from Forerunner and between projects.  
  • Missionaries need support in building and maintaining a support base, practical information about taxes and administration. 
  • Missionaries long for more options in the financial system in order to be able to carry out their partnership development in a proper way.   

We would like to respond to all of you in this way on one particular point from the results: it has always been the vision of Forerunner to work on the basis of relationships, but due to rapid growth and many changes, this has not been reflected well in recent years. That's a pity and we sincerely apologize to people who did need that contact but received little contact from our side. With the new board, we have really invested the last few months in spending time with you and we hope that this will only increase, also among the projects. After all, we are all part of the same Body and meant to function together!    

What are we going to do with this outcome? 
Now we know how you experience the Forerunner foundation and what your wishes are. What are we going to do with that? The vision of Forerunner is a guideline in what we do, but within that we certainly hope to respond to the needs and wishes that have come to the surface. Not all wishes are feasible, but many are!  

1. Let the financial and practical support run smoothly  
Based on the results, Forerunner plans to keep the basic services running smoothly, this is important and is clearly appreciated by the projects.   

 2. Communicate more clearly the relationship between Forerunner and the projects  
In addition, it is very important for the future to raise awareness in all projects that they are really connected to Forerunner and that it is therefore very important for them to also read and respond on the information provided. This is, among other things, important in order to maintain our ANBI status.  
We are making a clear information sheet about this. This is meant for everyone who wants to apply from now on, but also for you as existing projects! It is clear from the survey and audits that in many projects that have been with Forerunner for a long time, it is not clear what the agreements and conditions actually are. In the meantime, the conditions also been tightened up by the tax authorities and it is therefore logical that not everyone is aware of this. It is therefore very important that we make this clear to all of you so that together we can continue to maintain our ANBI status. So keep an eye on your mail because an important information mail will arrive in the coming weeks. 

 3. Continue praying for the projects and engage in personal contact  
We as the board had been praying for the projects for some time, so it was a nice confirmation that the survey also showed that there was a need for this. Since the change of the board we have started to take more time for personal contact, because we long for this and have the idea that God also emphasizes this. Here again, the results of the questionnaire were a confirmation of the set direction.   

4. The possibility of extending the financial system has been examined
We have already explored the possibilities of extending the financial system to include more options for insight and partnership development. Unfortunately, this appears to be more complicated than it seems. Legislation in Europe (AVG - privacy surrounding personal data) prohibits the direct transfer of donator data to projects or the linking of donor data to projects. Because of the way the banking system is set up and the tax rules, people use almost no online payment platforms but bank transfers. As a result, it is not possible to automate the transmission of donations throughout the month when they come in or that there is an earlier insight. In theory, this can be done manually, but this is not feasible because hours have to be spent on administration on a daily basis and bank costs become high as a result.   
It is, however, possible to adjust the donation link that is already on the website for each project in the future so that monthly donations can also be set up via the website. This will be realized in the near future.   

 5. Investigate possibilities for more interaction   
We are investigating and praying in what way(s) we can make it possible for both the projects themselves and the board and perhaps the somewhat broader circle around the projects to function more in relation to each other. It is not yet clear exactly what the possibilities are and in what time frame, but we are working on it and we will keep you informed of developments! 

6. Exploring the possibilities of sharing information  
We are looking at how we can make information available in relation to partnership development, administration and taxation. Preferably via an internal means of communication, because we don't want to 'just' create a hidden Facebook group for various reasons... We first want to check and update the knowledge that is already there and make it available for all projects. Again, we are looking at what is possible and on what timescale. We will keep you posted.  

We would love to hear how you experience the new directions and what your impressions are.

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