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Looking back and looking forward  

The year 2020 is coming to an end. A year that for many of us did not turn out the way we had planned and expected it to be. There is clearly a 'shaking' and for many people even a crisis. How did you experience it? We hope that everyone, despite (or because of) difficult or unexpected circumstances, has got to know God more deeply and has become more like Him.  
 As Forerunner we look back on a beautiful year, but also on disappointments. We are encouraged to see that so many missionaries have been working in incredibly creative ways to give hands and feet to the vocation and passion they have. Nevertheless, we also hoped that we could organize a meeting for which all the projects and supporters would be invited. That was of course not possible under these circumstances. Still, we experience God's perfect leadership. There was an abundance of deep personal contacts and it became clear again that relationship and encounter do not depend on events and organizations.   

Jesus has come and He will soon come again  
Just before Christmas, we wish everyone a deep, personal encounter with the King. King Jesus whose coming we commemorate this Christmas and whose return we also look forward to with great longing. He was a helpless baby in a manger and then a Lamb who was slaughtered for our sins. But soon we will see Him as a returning King, a mighty hero who will defeat all his enemies. Jesus Christ will restore all things and He will reign in righteousness over all the earth. He comes as the Bridegroom of Israel and of His Church and we, His Bride, desire to meet Him.  

Our vision as Forerunner is to prepare the nations for the return of that King Jesus.   

Are you ready?  

He's coming soon... are you ready? Do you only know Jesus as a baby in the manger, only as a leading servant and personal savior? Or do you also know Him as a Judge who will judge all nations, as King who will crush all His enemies under His feet?

Our slogan for 2021 is: 'preparing the nations begins with preparing our own hearts'. Preparing the nations begins with preparing our own hearts. This year we want to work together to prepare our hearts for His coming. We want to know Him as Judge and King, we want to be friends of the Bridegroom. We want to be wise virgins with a large supply of oil (knowing God personally, the Holy Spirit) so that our lamps burn brightly in the long night while we wait for the Groom.   

How do we prepare for times of crisis and for the coming of Jesus? Esther Cozijnsen of the project 'Calling a generation' has written a beautiful study on psalm 1 and 2 which gives some good pillars! She explains here why these psalms are so relevant right now, and what we can learn from them.  


Like a tree, planted on streams of water  - psalm 1 and 2  
The nations are raging, crisis strikes and the 'noise' in the nations increases. As the world gets more complicated every day, we, believers, are called to be "like a tree, planted on streams of water, bearing fruit in its time" (Ps. 1: 3). Also in the midst of crisis. But that is easier said than done.   

The well-known first two psalms are urgent and relevant to the generation in which we live now. They offer context and background information about a world in turmoil, about unrest in the nations. The two psalms are not only informative but also very practical. Both give the reader clear advice. What should we do in a crisis? What attitude and reaction are appropriate? 

What is the way of the righteous when the nations are raging?  
Through a dream, God brought these two psalms to my attention. In the midst of confusion and defeat, study Psalm 1 and 2. Become familiar with Psalms 1 and 2 !' And so I started to study these psalms. I am happy to share the study notes with you. 

In a nutshell:   

Psalm 1 is specifically about the life of the Individual and encourages the believer to live a life as 'a righteous one', to be 'like a tree planted on streams of water' and to have joy in His law. It shows the two storylines between the righteous and the wicked.  

Psalm 2, however, lets go of the perspective of the individual and gives a global overview. Suddenly the reader is part of a dramatic and epic plot! The one who is in heaven starts to react. The Father's response could give us confidence and courage to stand firm in times of crisis. He is not passive or indifferent. He will react! We can trust that His leadership is good and righteous.  

At first glance, the two psalms seem to stand on their own, but both are closely related and are an extension of each other. The counsel of the wicked" of Psalm 1, is culminated in Psalm 2! Psalm 2 is a world in turmoil, a painful consequence when mankind finds no joy in God's law (Psalm 1). 

Discover more how psalm 1 and 2 are relevant NOW.

To tell it a bit; the conclusion is as follows.  
It is wisdom to cultivate a lifestyle characterized by prayer, the Word, fasting, and doing works of righteousness. When everything is shaken and the crisis increases on earth, we will be like a tree planted with streams of water.   

This article is written by Esther Cozijnsen of FR123 Calling a generation. Would you like to read more? Have a look at her blogs on her own website.

Christmas - receiving and giving  
At Christmas we remember that we received the greatest treasure from heaven on earth. Salvation, hope and salvation for all people who want, through Jesus Christ!  

We also like to give things away at Christmas, and maybe building the long-awaited home for the children at New Grace Mission is a great opportunity for that. We have been keeping you informed about this for some time. Due to the circumstances regarding Corona, the planning and construction has been delayed a bit, but despite that there is definitely progress!  Will you help to enter the next construction phase?   

To refresh your memory: we are building a house for 39 children who are supported by the Forerunner foundation. They are currently living with the Jena family at home. The Jena's have been active for years to reach unreached population groups with the gospel and after that to support the young churches there. Some of the children and young people who live with them are orphans, others come from families where domestic violence occurred and others live with them because that is the only possibility for them to go to school.   

Phase 1 - Land   
Costs: € 40,000  
Already given: € 40,000  

Phase 2 - Start building   
A start is being made on building the boys living area, living area, a family caretakers and an office.  
Estimated cost: € 40,000  
Already given: € 18,000  
Still needed: € 22,000 

Phase 3 - Completion of the building  
Further construction is needed on the living area for the girls, living area for a second caretaker family, kitchen, dining room, classrooms, study room and guest rooms.   
Estimated cost: € 80,000  
Already given: € 0   
Still needed: € 80,000 

Will you help with a donation to quickly complete phase 2?
Donate online by clicking on this donation link.

We wish you a blessed and Christ filled Christmas and an amazing 2021!
The Forerunner team

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