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Important Dates

March 23rd - 27th - Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)
April 16th and 17th -  Conference Exchange Days (NO SCHOOL)
May 22nd - End of school year celebration
August 17th - 21st - Summer Camp (details to be announced)
August 27th - Parent Orientation Day
August 31st - First Day of school 2015-16 school year

Registration 2015-16

We are currently taking registration for the 2015-16 school year.  New families are touring, and oyr schedule is filling up fast. The registration form can be downloaded here, or you can now register online here and to secure your spot, we need to receive the registration form and $45 fee.  At this stage there is room for all returning children to continue with their current schedule, but please get your registration in early if you are wanting to change your schedule.
We are offering a referral incentive this year for all current families. If you refer a family to us, and they come for a tour and sign up, you will receive 3 referral vouchers, which can be used for a morning or afternoon drop in, and will be valid for the rest of the school year.  This is the time of year when parents are starting to look at preschools for the next school year, so help us to spread the word.  We do have afternoon schedule openings open for the remainder of this school year, so let all your friends know.  We are not going to limit the number of vouchers each family can earn.
Weekly Plans
STORYBOOK JOURNEY “And If the Moon Could Talk” by Kate Banks

Telescope ; Paper towel tubes, cardboard cups, paint, stars, stickers, transparency
Milky Way Painting: Plastic wrap, primary paint colors, paper, reference books (tactile sensory project with mixing colors)
Name Rocket: Color scrap paper, triangle, paint/stickers, letter references
Observation Drawing: Portfolio paper, markers
Moon With Craters: Phases of the moon vocabulary, bubble wrap and paint
Group Mural: The phases of the moon

Dress Up: Astronaut suit, blue jumpsuit, gloves, helmet, scale, medical kit, jet packs, control panel
Spinning Tops: to relate to the earth’s spinning on its axis, and the planets going around the sun which also strengthens fine motor skills
Rocket Ship: Miniature people, space supplies, reference pictures, starry cloth, bristle blocks
Observatory: Telescopes (made in art), computer, books, paper, markers, cameras
NASA Headquarters: keyboards, calculators, phone, globe, solar system posters, walkie talkies.
Animals That Went to Space: dogs, cats, monkeys, beetles, frogs, bees.
Magnets: Polarization, magnetic pulls, compass, ordinal directions
Rock Observation: Reference books, different types of rocks, magnify glass
Gravity: Tubes, comparative weights on the Earth versus the Moon.
Drawing a Sundial: using sunlight and shadows
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “ Planet Song”, “It’s a Small World” , “Mister Sun” , “The Planets Revolve” , “Let’s go to the moon”
This Gentle Giant”, “E-A-R-T-H”, “Joy to the World”, “This Little Light of Mine”, “Gentle Blue Giant”
PORTFOLIO: Classroom Observation Drawing

Space has taken off!

The children have become fully engaged in our new Storybook Journey, "And if the Moon Could Talk".  Michael bought along his telescope to show the children, and they got to look at the mountain tops from the classroom.  Britt then took the telescope outside in the afternoon, where children were able to see the moon with enough detail that they could make out individual craters!  The children were also able to see how fast the moon moved across the sky, as it would be centered in the view, and then 3 children later, the telescope needed to be adjusted as it had moved out of view.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are beginning: Please let the school know if you are wanting a conference this year.  Due to the fact that there is not enough time on our conference days in April to meet with all parent's, we are scheduling conferences for times during the weeks between now and conference days.  One advantage of having conferences during school times is that we will be able to have children join the class during these conferences, on the conference days there is no child care available.  If you would like a conference to catch up on your child's progress and ask questions, please sign up on the conference sheet in the cubby area.


If you haven't been to our website recently, please go to and see the new look.  The "Happenings" tab has posts of what we are doing in the classroom, as well as informative articles about preschool education and preschoolers.  If you come across a great article, please forward it to Michael to be included on our site.  The "Admissions" page now has an online registration form so you can fill it out and not have to worry about bringing in the form to secure your place for next school year.  We are also open to suggestions of anything parents would like to see on the site.  You can also follow us on Facebook (there is a link on the website) to keep up with all of our posts.

Raising Little Heroes Kits for Kids

Owen gave an announcement on his project Kits for Kids in Raising Little Heroes.

March 29th, 2015 10am-11am

Join Raising Little Heroes for our 3rd annual Kits for Kids event supporting Centennial, CO nonprofit Project C.U.R.E.

From the Project

“Our Kits for Kids provide personal hygiene and basic ‘medicine cabinet’ items that are scarce in the developing world. If a child gets hurt, families might have to travel a long distance by bicycle, bus or even on foot to receive care at the nearest hospital or medical clinic. Working with pediatricians and nurses, Project C.U.R.E. developed Kits for Kids to give parents in developing countries the supplies they need to provide basic care at home. A bar of soap encourages hand washing, too. Kits for Kids is a great service learning project or family activity!”
For more information visit their website

Out Of The Mouths

Ashton: points to the grille on Luke's school bus, "That's the oven."
Ruby: "Are you Ansel?", Owen, "No, I'm Owen" Ruby, "I'm going to marry you Owen.  Can you believe it?"
Chereka: "Do you want tea?", Teacher, "Yes" Chereka "Are you in space?" Teacher, "Yes, on Mars", Chereka, "It will float away."
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Copyright © 2015 Children's House Preschool, All rights reserved.

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