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Are you promoting decent work?
World Day of Decent Work 7 October 2011

October 7 is recognised as the World Day of Decent Work and AIER would like to challenge you to take up its offer of assessing whether your workplace is promoting “Decent Work”.
Between 7 October 2011 and 31 March 2012 AIER will carry out a desk top review of your organisation’s performance against AIER’s Australian Charter of Employment Rights (“the Charter”) and give you feedback about your decency rating.


What is decent work?
The International Labor Organisation (ILO) has set itself the goal of promoting opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.
Known as “decent work” this ILO Agenda seeks to gain commitment from government and companies to act within a framework of considering the human rights of all affected by their actions. 
It recognises the central importance of having meaningful work in every persons life and encourages a view of job creation at the local, national and international levels through the adoption of forward-thinking economic and industrial policies that take account of the negative aspects of globalisation.
It promotes recognition of the long-term unsustainability of relying on lowering labour standards and competing of the basis of ever reduced labour costs as an economic framework (for government) or as an operational approach (for companies). 
According to the ILO, decent work is:

  • Employment in conditions of:
    • Freedom
    • Equity
    • Security
    • Human dignity
  • Opportunities for work that is productive
  • Opportunity for work that delivers a fair income
  • Security in the workplace
  • Social protection for families
  • Better prospect for personal development and social integration
  • Freedom for people to express their concerns
  • Opportunity of workers to organise and participate in the decisions that affect their lives
  • Equality of opportunity and treatment for all women and men.
Are you promoting Decent Work at your workplace?
AIER would like to encourage all Australian companies and workers to consider whether Decent Work is a reality within your workplace.
One way to assess whether Decent Work is a reality for you is to examine your workplace against the AIER’s Australian Charter of Employment Rights (“the Charter”).
The Charter is a simply expressed document that unravels the complexity of the regulation of workplace relations by defining and clearly articulating the rights of employers and workers in modern workplaces.

It draws upon international as well as uniquely Australian sources to identify the ten fundamental principles on which fair and balanced workplace relationships should be based, and to create a set of rights and obligations which all workplaces are encouraged to adopt and observe.  These principles are:

  1. Good faith performance
  2. Work with dignity
  3. Freedom from discrimination and harassment
  4. A safe and healthy workplace
  5. Workplace democracy
  6. Union membership and representation
  7. Protection from unfair dismissal
  8. Fair minimum standards
  9. Fairness and balance in industrial bargaining
  10. Effective dispute resolution
To obtain a copy of the Charter and its accompanying Standard that will help to assess whether your workplace is implementing Decent Work click here.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity

As a once off opportunity AIER is offering to conduct a desk-top audit of your organisation to assess its performance against the Charter.  The audit will be carried out for a nominal fee by our skilled and experienced practitioners. Feedback on your performance against the Charter will be given.
To discuss this opportunity contact AIER Executive Director Lisa Heap.

To book an audit contact AIER Business Manager Jane Ponton on 03) 9647 9111.
For more information on the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda click here.

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