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Dear Friends,

Find out about the "Night of Terror" on November 15th and the "Spirit of 1776" music video. Kick back and relax with these short videos. Celebrate women's freedom to vote in this election season! And Happy Halloween!

VIDEO LINK: This three-minute "Spirit of 1776" music video will have you tapping your toes. You'll love this music video celebrating the suffrage movement's "patriotic protest" theme. Find out why the suffrage wagon now in the New York State Museum collection should be put on permanent exhibit to remind us why women should vote in any and all elections. If you're a guy, support your mother, sisters, girlfriends, and wives.

VIDEO LINK: A preview about the "Night of Terror" in 1917 when women suffered so we can vote today.  Suffrage Wagon partners with Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association to raise money and awareness to build a suffragist memorial honoring Votes for Women prisoners who suffered through the "Night of Terror." Let's make sure the memorial is completed before or in time for the 2020 suffrage centennial in the U.S.

VIDEO LINK:  Highlights of the "Spirit of 1776" wagon's history. Check out this video highlighting the history of the suffrage campaign wagon used by Edna B. Kearns and others in New York City and on Long Island to organize for the vote. The wagon symbolizes the connection the suffragists made between the American Revolution in 1776 and their struggle to complete the unfinished American Revolution today.

ACTION: Support the State of New York in permanently exhibiting the "Spirit of 1776" wagon for upcoming suffrage centennial celebrations and future generations. Join us!

Love,  Marguerite Kearns

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