Become a bellydance teacher TODAY DISPLAY IMAGES
Become a bellydance teacher TODAY DISPLAY IMAGES

Welcome to our May issue! And it's a great one!

Our special guest is Sara Shrapnell a British bellydancer,  currently in Australia, who has made a successful career as a bellydance teacher. She talks about her experiences and her new book, 'Teaching Bellydance' which we have an EXCLUSIVE offer on that you can't miss!

We hope you enjoy - Love Zara and Sandra xx

Teaching Bellydance

To teach bellydance is to know bellydance!   By Sara Shrapnell

I love teaching belly dance.  I REALLY love teaching belly dance!  I love the anticipation of a new term; watching the sign up numbers on line slowly click up; the expectant faces in lesson one; the end of term party where they nervously show off their new found skills to each other; the planning; the practice; the light bulb moments; and I still love breaking down a hip drop and making the tiny corrections that can make it perfect.

Over the last fourteen years I have taught over four thousand belly dance classes both in the UK and USA.  At one point I was teaching twelve each week (when I was younger and fitter!).  What I have learnt through all those classes is how individual not only each student is, but also how each class group works in its own magical way.  I have had focused classes, where everyone arrives ready to kick bottom.  And just an hour later I have taught a chatty class, where the giggles are more important than the technique. 
 I have worked with dancers of all ages, all sizes and all abilities.  I still get emotional when I see my students dance, knowing that I planted a seed that they made blossom.

Focusing on improving my own dancing, I was becoming tired of attending workshops with amazing dancers, but who couldn't teach their skills to others.  Being a great dancer and a great teacher are widely different skills, and I think belly dance has yet to embrace that concept.  
We see a fantastic video on line, or an amazing live performance and expect that dancer to be able to teach and share her secrets and yet too often I was finding myself in, 'follow my bum' type workshops or learning from, 'it is because I say it is' type teachers.  On moving to a new country I was complimented on my ability to get the best out of each individual student and it was then that I realized the level of teaching of belly dance was not a problem I alone was experiencing.
In 2011, not long after I moved to San Francisco, I had an email from a UK friend who was about to set up her first class, asking for a few hints.  Knowing I didn't have much time that afternoon, I set about writing a few ideas of what I would like to tell her.  I wanted to help her to set up her classes, pick a good venue, get the timing right and set her class fees to encourage full classes. 

Next, I wanted to break down how best to teach, the learning styles, and how to get the most out of praise and critique. 
Of course planning is a whole skill set. How to balance out a term or to keep continuous classes moving forward. How to pick out good music and how to get the hard work done while keeping the class fun. 

Finally, I noted down my thoughts on finding great performance opportunities for students, picking out costumes, keeping the dancers safe and organizing events.

Those notes turned into the 80 plus chapter headings for my book, Teaching Belly Dance.
It took me a while to accept that by writing up my notes I was actually writing a book.  As I started to tell people, so I began to receive emails and messages from dancers and teachers I had worked with: 
“Don’t forget to tell them this…”
“The best piece of advice you ever gave me was…”,
“I really wish someone had stopped me from….”. 
And of course the book grew, and grew.  Each time that I felt like I had shared everything I know about teaching belly dance a new topic would appear, or someone would ask for more details in something I felt every dance teacher should know.
photos by Alisha Westerfeld

I know that Teaching Belly Dance is everything a new teacher needs, and is a great asset to even  established dancer teachers. This book aims not just to help you on you journey of becoming bellydance teacher but to really fall in LOVE with teaching it.

 more students who are being well trained and given every opportunity to grow and blossom.  Being able to teach belly dance has been a wonderful blessing in my life, and I want to share that blessing with others. 

Sara Shrapnell taught for 12 years in the Reading and Basingstoke area before moving to the San Francisco Bay area.  She now teaches in Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin.  To learn more about Sara visit her web site at or the Teaching Belly Dance web site :
Teaching Belly Dance is now available through Zara’s Zouk 

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