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We (Zara and Sandra) would like to wish all our readers and Zara's Zouk customers a VERY MERRY XMAS, A HAPPY NEW YEAR and JOLLY HOLIDAYS to all! 

This month there is still the chance to buy tickets to Dance Meze - HOW TO SET YOUR GOALS FOR 2014 - and our top bellydance gifts for Christmas.
It is not too late to get your tickets for


Zara's Zouk only do one event a year - making this an UNMISSABLE event. We would LOVE to see you all there.
There will be LOADS of enjoyable activities and entertainment: drum and finger cymbals taster workshops, catwalks displaying the latest tribal and traditional belly dancing fashion, performances by some of the top belly dancers in London, finishing with a disco to the most upbeat and exhilarating tunes. There will be an appetising menu available ALL INCLUDED IN THE TICKETS! MORE INFO CLICK HERE This is a unique event - YOU CAN'T MISS IT!  



Many people feel as if they're adrift in there dance. They work hard, but they don't seem to feel they are getting anywhere or improving.

Most dancers hit this wall - so don't worry if you feel the same!

A key reason you might feel this way is because you haven't spent enough time thinking about exactly what you want to achieve in your dance, and haven't set goals.

After all, would you set out on a major journey with no real idea of your destination? Probably not!

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision -YOUR DANCE DREAM - into reality.

The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. You'll also quickly spot the distractions that can, so easily, lead you astray!! 

It is also important that you realise what you have already achieved - so often us dancers are soooo hard on ourselves - never truly taking five minutes to ourselves to reflect on what we have done, how we have strived for another year to be the dancers we want to be.

SO LETS GET GOAL MAKING FOR 2014 - Make this the year you achieve more than ever...

Below is a set of questions to help you set your goals! Grab a cup of tea - put some beautiful music on, light a candle, maybe have a bath first - RELAX and take time to really  think about each question and how it will help you in setting goals you can achieve. 

  • What were your achievements for 2013? List here what you achieved and are proud of from the past year- big or small and don't be shy or hold back…EMBRACE ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND FEEL PROUD OF IT 
  • What helped your achievements happen? Look at each of your achievements and see why they happened - use these examples to help you in achieving your goals for 2014 
  • What were your disappointments for 2013? List all your disappointments.  It is important to face up to them, they may also give you a sign as to what you might want to set as goals
  • Why did these disappointments happen? Knowing this will help you recognise your weaknesses and issues you may be able to avoid in achieving your new goals for 2014
Now you have reflected on the year past - and you have a little bit more of an idea of what helps and hinders you in achieving what you want to - keep these in mind when setting your goals! 
  • What do I want to achieve in 2014 and continue achieving from 2013?  List everything, be ambitious!   
  • Using what I have learnt from the past year about myself how can I ensure  these goals are achieved?
  • Set some general overall goals that incorporate the themes that most of your goals fall under. This is something very general like "to be more active and less lazy" OR "be more confident and outgoing" try to write it in a positive manner.
  • Pick 5 (or less) of the themes that are easy to break down into specific goals adding a date and method of achievement.  Set out your goals and use what you have learnt earlier about yourself to help with strategies to achieve the goals - give yourself dates on when to achieve them and write these dates in your diary !! Set some mini dates before the main date - where you can review some of the goals and see if you are still on the way to achieving them !! 
GOOD LUCK - I hope this EXCITES you and leads you to really push yourself to achieve EVERYTHING you can dream of - because IT IS POSSIBLE !
I believe an amazing dancer exists in ALL OF US - we were born knowing to dance we just have to remind ourselves - AND GET ACTIVE in doing so! 

Top 5 gifts for Christmas

SAGATS - a great idea for any bellydancer !
The SLINKY SNAKE ARMBAND wind around your arm or wear at your wrist - fits ALL sizes and looks exotic !

The Bellydancers' Treasure Pack - a super gift for yourself or bellydancer friend.  These will inspire you for years!

Performance Mastery Book -  Know someone who wants to improve their stage presence?  Know someone who just loves books?  Well this is an ideal choice to read through or dip into!
These cover up kaftans can be used to dance in but really earn their keep as cover ups whilst waiting to perform  and after a performance to hide your costume and maintain the mystery!  Also a gift idea for Middle Eastern friends!

Gift Vouchers New to Zara's Zouk 

Still stuck for the perfect gift idea? How about a ZARA'S ZOUK GIFT VOUCHER? These are flexible and fun!

Don't forget you can shop with confidence as we offer a no quibble, full refund on any purchase.  

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We set up Zameena with the love of bellydance and the want to share info. It is a free online magazine which we send out every month and we have now have OVER 700 subscribers and growing! Do you have something you would like to share with the bellydance community? We have had guest writers and interviews with some amazing dancers! Check out our past editions here It is a great way of telling people about your event, promoting yourself as a dancer and sharing your knowledge!  GET IN TOUCH email us

Taking Bookings for 2014: 

Zara Dance, Winner of Bellydance Trophies 2013 - Already excited about teaching at JOY festival and performing at Majma - Zara is now taking bookings for workshops and performances for 2014. Email for more info

Zara's Zouk LIVE STALL: Why not have the Zara's Zouk Live Stall come to your hafla or event in 2014? We would love to come and meet you and a stall helps make your hafla a BIG FUN EVENT.  just email us 
Hope you have enjoyed the LAST Zameena of 2013!
But don't worry - we are back next month (with a special edition of Zameena so keep an eye out for it) until then - Have an amazing time over the holidays ! 
Love and shimmies, Zara and Sandra x x x 
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