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Make sure you are displaying images you dont want to miss out
Make sure you are displaying images you dont want to miss out
(Photo by Roxanne Grant, Costume designed/worn by Zara Dance and made by May)

Let's Kick Off
the new season together!

We hope you have some wonderful dance events lined up over summer. 

They will make a break from all the excitement of the Football World Cup which is about to kick off.
Good Luck to all! We'll be watching 
England and OF COURSE Egypt, who have qualified for the first time since 1990!

Who will you be watching?

Are you looking for some inspiration to add sparkle to your dance this summer?
  If that's your goal (we love a pun)
we are here to help you with
10 sizzling shimmyable song suggestions
direct from Egypt

and don't forget to check out our hot costume picks from Zara's Zouk - all with a football theme.

PLUS: There's lots more, so
please, sit back, relax and enjoy!

To Shimmy too 
Make sure you are displaying images you dont want to miss out
We had a special request from the lovely dancer, teacher, author, Zameena reader and previous  guest contributor (see below), Sara Shrapnell  (click here for her July UK Kidlington Workshops), FOR SOME NEW MUSIC...... 
Hence, we picked out our TOP 10 EGYPTIAN SONGS which are
great for bellydance, released over the last 12 months. 
Make sure you are displaying images you dont want to miss out
To help us choose the songs we called on the help of RAMY ABDO, fellow dancer, good friend and Zara's manager in Egypt (see photo). 

He also gives us a little info on each song. 

We have included the names of the singers and dancers SO YOU CAN LOOK UP THEIR OTHER SONGS... and keep up to date with their new releases over summer.  
First up, a song by Mahmood Lithy who gives Hakim a run when it comes to being Egypt's top pop/shaabi singer. The dancer in the video is Sofinar. Song: "Hktak" a fun competitive term that translates literally to  "I'll chop you up".
The melody is actually from an old Warda song. 
Get your shimmies on!
This is a fast paced song: "Wasat Bilastik" 
- "Plastic waist". 

The song is by singer Hasan Alkhuleaa, and once again in the music video we see Sofinar shaking her thing! 
Really BIG on the Egyptian music scene right now are the singing/rap duo Oka and Ortega, the faces at the forefront of the Mahragan BOOM in Egyptian music! This song was one of their recent BIG HITS, "Elap Yalah" ... all about taking the left route
(the bad/naughty path in life...) 
OMG, I looooove this song!
It's one everyone starts singing along to without a doubt, AND ITS NOT SHAABI... A star struck love song, "Thlath Daqqat"  - "Three Beats" referring to his heart.
It's by Abu  Ft. Yousra.
You CAN'T escape this song in Egypt even if you tried! "La La"  - "No No" is a MASSIVE Mahragan/Shaabi hit by the duo El Sawareekh comprising of Dok Dok & Funky.
Get your attitude on if you are going to perform to this song!
Lots of stars in this hit song "Mosh Alaiya" - "Not On Me". Singers Mahmood Lithy and Reda El Bahrawy sing about a competition between them on stage. It features the famous keyboard player Abdel Salam and the dancer in the video is the lovely Anastasia
Get lost in the voice of Ahmed Saad as he sings this hit song, "Alla Wadaeak" -  "As You Are" talking about making the best out of a bad situation. 
Need inspiration on how to get lost in the song? Check out the dancer, Oxanna, in this clip.
Singer Bosy never disappoints. She always delivers a good song to shimmy along to and she looks fab here.
is a song about wedding fun. Egyptians love a good wedding. Why? Because it's an excuse to DANCE!!!!!
Do you like CHOCOLATE?
Well this song is called "Chocolate!"  
A song you can't help but dance along to. Sung by two mega stars already featured on this list: Bosy and Mahmood Lithy. She is referring to his skin tone and tasty looks. 
This song is taking Egypt by storm! It's this Ramadan's HIT song and luckily it's NOT religious. It talks of Saidi Egyptians. "Ehna Elsayda" is by Ahmed Sheiba who, not long ago, gave us the hit song, 
 "Ya Zahr" which is still playing all over Egypt.
We hope you enjoyed our selection!

This is just scratching the surface of Egyptian music. Our tip is to use the videos featured above as a GATEWAY to finding new music.

Follow the links to YouTube and there, they will suggest other, similar types of songs/music videos. 

You can also take note of the Names of the singers AND DANCERS in the clips and keep an eye out for them and their new videos. They are sure to have more bellydance hits. Follow them on social media.

Also, take note of the music channels that these music videos are coming from such as EL SOBKY PRODUCTIONS and SHA3BEYAT (Zara is in several of their videos) SUBSCRIBE TO THEM ON YOUTUBE so you are always in the loop to new music.

Summer is here (once Ramadan ends) and the songs above will soon be replaced with new hits. Be sure to get them first! 
For even more tips on new music, how to download these songs and how to edit them refer to Zara's article in NADA magazine Issue 64
Get in the theme of things for the World Cup and check out the costumes in Red, White and Black, the colors of the Egyptian flag,
(or red and white for England)  
All from

Make sure you are displaying images you dont want to miss out
Silk Veils
Silk veils are also BACK IN STOCK FROM £24

They are one of our best selling items! We have them in LOTS of different colors and of course that includes Red, White and Black: 
Info Spot
Mohamed Salah
An Egyptian LEGEND!

You CAN'T walk the streets of Cairo or sit in an Egyptian household without hearing the name, Mohamed Salah.

Known here, in England, as Mo Salah a footballer in Liverpool FC.

Mohamed Salah has become a living legend in Egypt and in England. He was recently named, Footballer of the Year

In the streets of Cairo you can't turn a corner without finding an image of him somewhere. EVERY cafe has massive pictures of him, schools and street corners have his image painted on them, every Pepsi can has his face on and I HAVE EVEN SEEN HIS IMAGE PRINTED ON A MATTRESS, yes the mattress, not the bed sheets! 

A pair of his boots are even on display at the British Museum along side the Egyptian Pharaohs and artifacts..... 

Everybody in Egypt will be watching over him and instilling a lot of hope in him as he enters, with Egypt, into the World Cup.  ESPECIALLY since he suffered a horrible injury just a few days ago in the Champions League final. 

Get Well Soon Mo!

(Cairo mattress on left and Pepsi can on right)
Update from Zara and Sandra
Despite taking a break from daily work in Cairo due to Ramadan, Zara and Zara's Zouk have been busy! We would love to thank everyone who attended on the 27th May  when Zara gave a talk about Being a Belly Dancer in Cairo. It was one of a series of monthly lectures hosted by  Anna K Dance.
Thanks go to Anna for inviting us to take part. We had lots of fun there with the Zara's Zouk stall too.

This month, Saturday 30th June, is the last lecture and it's by Anna herself. 
Do go along if you can.
Back in Kenya
You may remember in 2016 Zara took a 3 month contract working in Kenya and has been invited back frequently since.
This month was her third visit to the country for work and this time she took fellow dancer
Tara along with her for the adventure.
The event was for a company launching their new trucks/lorries which they supply. Here are a few clips from their 5 day stay: 
Cycling in Hell's Gate Nat. Park, Naivasha.      Cheeky bit of hotel sunbathing.
Hiking in Hell's Gate Nat. Park, Naivasha.                    Ready for work!
Zara has also been keeping busy over the Ramadan period by writing several articles that will be published in UK paper based magazines NADA (resident writer) and MOSAIC (guest writer).  These magazines are great entertainment and If you love bellydance you will love receiving these! 
Click on the pics for more info......
Meet Zara at these Events:
6th 7th & 8th July

Zara is the STAR DANCER, both performing and teaching THREE WORKSHOPS

Note: NO Zara's Zouk Stall. 
Sandra will be coming along too TO RELAX
(well it is a spa weekend) 

For details please email Shona:
July 23rd - 29th   

Come to learn, dance, party, make new friends and have fun 
Then stay for a week to relax at the seaside! 
Meet Sandra with Zara's Zouk at these Events:
The Arab Quarterly 
Sun 8th July
Sandra will be there with Zara's Zouk

Saturday, July 14th, 2018      7-11pm - Doors open 6.30pm
Leighton Park School, Reading
Sandra will be there with Zara's Zouk

Thanks for reading June's Zameena

We hope you enjoyed!

Until next month
Best Wishes 

from editors
Zara and Sandra
(mum, in the pic) 

+Thanks to Roxane for capturing this hilarious moment
PS. Can't wait for next month? Want more? check out these Zameena editions from the archive: 
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