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Welcome to our November edition!
With the festive season just around the corner, please accept our gift of 25% off of everything in Zara's Zouk online bellydance shop for the month of November!

Just use code:  Nov16 when you checkout. 

To make sure you get the most out of your 25% off we are offering you our EDITOR'S choice of goodies to check out at Zara's Zouk.

Editor's Choice
TOP TEN Count Down 

Get the best out of your 25% saving with promotion code: Nov16 and check out these amazing items we just love from Zara's Zouk
Treat Yourself!
Treat a Friend! 

Great Gift Ideas!  
10. Body Chains: 

We start this count down with Jewellery, something you can't have enough of; always welcome and every dancer's desire! But why not take it to the max? 

Try out a 
Body Chain - Ideal for men and women! This statement piece of jewellery can be layered on top of any costume to give it an instant lift and you have a sexy look which will captivate your audience. 
9. Spanish Scarf: 

Hip scarves - You can never have too many and Zara's Zouk has a massive selection!
But why not go for something that little bit different? Check out the silent
Spanish scarves  they have an air of sophistication about them. They can be worn around not just the hips but also the shoulders as a shawl and even used as a veil!

Let one inspire you into a Spanish Fusion Piece! 
8. An Effective Set: 
One of the best bits of advice I was ever given in becoming a pro dancer and teacher:
"At all times project yourself as a professional dancer - be it when you're entering the restaurant/gig, attending a hafla or taking part in a class or workshop." 
From that day on I try never to look anything but glam, even in class!  
Check out these sassy sets from Zara's Zouk and stand out as a dancer. 
7. Cover Up in Khaleeji Glamour: 

In keeping with our previous comment of always looking the pro:- A shimmery cover-up  will ensure you look special before and after your performances! These pieces can also double up as a costume for your dance. 

Go all out glam (like our model Roxane - Miss Bellydance UK) with a peacock Khaleeji Kaftan!
6. Sophisticated Silk!   

Veils or Fan Veils - these colourful props are such fun and would make a great gift as there is no worry about the fit.

We did say this was the editor's choice so: Here is Zara with her fan veils! 

5. Let's get musical   
Sagat/zills or a Riq - music to any dancer's ears!
4. Skirts, Skirts, Skirts 
The quality of your skirt can make all the difference to how you look and feel on stage. Make sure your get a good skirt which does not skimp on fabric. Zara's Zouk has beautiful quality skirts in LOADS OF COLOURS, in both satin and organza and for the tribal dancers
25 yard skirts in 100% cotton! 
3. Sexy Legs 
 Leggings/harem pants

a real surprise gift!

We love the ANIMAL PRINT leggings. GET THEM NOW £8.00 BUT with 25% off they are only a WOW £6.00!
Now that's a gift!
2. Pendant Perfection 

Each one of the Kuchi pendants in Zara's Zouk has come from the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. These are authentic pieces, each with its own story. 

Great additions to the Tribal Dancer's wardrobe!

For the dancer who likes to make her own costumes or enjoys adding extra embellishments take a peek in our DIY COSTUMING department!
1. Our Azalea Bra and Belt Sets

We hope you have enjoyed our count down and that something has caught your eye. We have saved our best till last and seriously recommend this one. The Azalea Bra and Belt sets are a great bet for any dancer, a durable and comfortable bra and belt set which can be teamed with skirts or pants to achieve a variety of looks - all stunning. Check out the lovey Alexandra, who bought her Azalea set last month: 
Shop in confidence for Christmas  
Don't forget - should anything you buy be unsuitable - it can be returned in January for a full refund!
Meet our cover model 
A big, big thank you to Alex, our cover model,
from South Wales

Alex can be seen performing regularly at restaurants in Cardiff, Bristol and Barry. A final year nursing student, Alexandra has found dance to be a powerful source of personal stress relief (and a fantastically fun source of financial support!) in between her studies and hospital shifts.
Totally at home dancing in restaurant settings, Alex loves to have fun with her dance, interacting with her audiences, sharing her love for belly dance, music and meeting new people!  Alex has performed and taught for a variety of audiences and in different settings including weddings and folk festivals, to university student events and classes for those with learning disabilities.

 Alex is a firm believer in the physical and mental benefits of dance for people of all ages and from all walks of life!

Photo Credit: Beehive Photography

Alex is available to dance/ teach at all your events: Birthdays, Weddings, Hen Parties, Workshops ............
Just get in touch with her through her facebook page. 

You can also book her through
Book A Belly 

Why did you start bellydancing? 

We love hearing people's stories about what first led them into bellydance and in our January edition we want to celebrate that we started dancing and grew to love bellydance. We want it to have a real, friendly, dance community feel. So, it's over to you! Was it a friend who dragged you along to a class? Did you see an advertisement in a newspaper? Did you fall in love with it when on a holiday? Or was it something else? Whatever the story please share and

You don't have to type anything long just a short explanation JUST CLICK HERE 

We want to share your stories in January, with your permission,  but everyone who sends us their story will receive a special Zara's Zouk gift in the New Year. 
Our Resident Writers

So, as you may know our February, May, August and November editions are our Resident Writer's editions.

For 2016 we have LOVED having
Kay Dance, from Love the Beat, as our first resident writer and know you have too!

She has given us many great articles (check them out below) and WE GIVE KAY A BIG, BIG
THANK YOU.  Don't worry though readers, we are sure she will be back to write and share her adventures as a guest writer.
Best Wishes Kay
Love and Many, Many Thanks
Zameena Readers, Zara and Sandra
In 2017 we will welcome our new resident writer, SOPHIA. 
Sophia (here on the right) is a financial journalist by day and a dedicated student of bellydance in her evenings and weekends.

Her adventures in bellydance have taken her to haflas and dance studios all over London and even to the Northern Ballet in Leeds as part of a community show with Dunya Bellydance and Turkish dance star Ozgen.
Sophia also loves to take any opportunity to learn more about Middle Eastern culture, art and music.

We can't wait to see what Sophia has in store for us and look forward to reading her first article in February's edition, BUT, till then you can look back and enjoy reading Kay's Articles by clicking below:
Come And Meet Us At:
Snowflake Spectacular Show
!! Save the Date !!

Saturday 10th December 2016
Opens: 1.30pm   Show:  2-5pm 
At: Reading Universit
y RG6 6UR

Come and meet Zara's Zouk
Thank you for reading this month's Zameena which we hope you enjoyed. Till next month
Best wishes
Yours Zara and Sandra xx

PS. Please, don't forget to send us your bellydance stories!
PPS. Please don't forget to use your 25% off code!

Copyright © 2016 Zara's Zouk, All rights reserved.

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