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Welcome to Zameena - the Zara's Zouk Ezine
This month my mother Sandra and I would like to invite you to our exciting event: 

Dance Meze - on the 7th December - Walthamstow, London.

It will be from 4pm – late, so hours of Bellydance fun, food and fashion - with bellydance fashion catwalks, spot performances from amazing dancers and rhythm workshops (drums or sagats)  taking place in the afternoon. Then, later in the evening there will be a hafla with our beautiful models performing, followed by a Bellydance disco ‘til LATE.  A light meal is included in the  Â£20 ticket price too!

We sincerely hope that you can come as we would love to see you there!

Tickets are £20 and that includes:

We are also offering for newsletter readers only - an exclusive 10% discount if you book four tickets! Four Tickets ONLY £72 

Don't miss this - The last Zara's Zouk event had over 200 visitors and WON AN AWARD for being so welcoming and fun!

Check out EVERYTHING that will be happening at Dance Meze:

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The venue is in our home town,  Walthamstow,  London
Orford House, 73 Orford Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9QR
A 5min walk from Walthamstow Central Station (station is 20mins from Kings Cross on the Victoria underground line and 17mins from Liverpool Street Station by Nat. Express train) 
Also 5min walk from Walthamstow Bus Station.
PARKING FOR OVER 60 CARS FREE!!! (why not car pool with friends?) 

To tempt you even more, and encourage people to travel down together, we are offering DISCOUNT tickets for groups of four 
A 10% saving: 4 tickets for ONLY £72
Four tickets: Only £72 !!
Book your place NOW: £20
Find out more about Dance Meze below AND on the facebook events page here
Dance meze dancers
Each of the catwalks will be followed by a dance spot performance. Our Dance Spot performers include: Tara Lee Oakley – One of London's top dancers, teachers and directors of Bellydance, Arina Bellydance – an amazing professional dancer and teacher who is also part of the Fleur Estelle Troupe, Delilah Dance – Author of the top selling Bellydance book Performance Mastery and winner of Miss Bellydance UK 2010Maelle Bellydance – The much loved dancer, teacher and winner of Bellydance Trophies 2012!!
Our gorgeous and talented models, who will also perform in our evening hafla include: 
Roxane: Winner of Miss Bellydance UK 2013 - a passionate and popular performer! Azin Bellydance: One of Birmingham’s most loved dancers and part of the Zameena Duo! Sarasvati Dance: Known for her amazing Turkish Style, floor work and show stopping performances (no matter the style!) Sabrynah Ish: A beautiful performer who regularly  tours the world with the Hossam Ramzy troupe! Esther Kassandra: A stunning performer and resident dancer at Arabesque Nights!
tribal models
We will be having as many tribal and fusion performances and models (if not more) than any other style.  We are so happy and honoured to introduce to you Kerry Darkstar one of the UK’s most celebrated tribal and dark fusion belly dancers and the Darkstar Troupe dancers -0 Michelle Payne, Sarah Stone, Nilmini Frances, Ebony Dormer-Kuti, Ly Thinco, Friedrich, Kate Bowgette and Renja Salonen
Throughout the afternoon, drum, zill and rhythm mini workshops will take place! (Tailored to the abilities of attendees.) We are so excited that running these workshops will be two of the early pioneers of Middle Eastern dance in the UK, Christina and Terri!  Christina has a rich and diverse background.  She also toured for 2 years as a member of Hossam Ramzy’s original Egyptian Ensemble.  She has a rich tapestry of experience. Terri is a wonderful  and respected Egyptian style dancer, zill player and traveller!  She has guided and developed renowned UK tabla players in the art of drumming for dancers.

HOME MADE ARABIC FOOD - that will make you forget you are in England - will be served and is INCLUDED in the ticket price !! You will also receive a yummy CUPCAKE!  There is a licenced bar available at the venue too. 
There will be the opportunity for shopping with Zara’s Zouk too – we will have lots of goodies on display including our Tribal range, pro costumes and class wear. There is a changing facility with mirrors so you will be able to try on everything you desire, with NO PRESSURE to buy. 

7th December
Four tickets only £72 !!
Book your place NOW: £20
Haream Pants

Starting form only £9.99

Different fabrics

Range of prices

A great addition to your dance wardrobe!
Great with just a belt!
Great under a skirt!
Great for maintaining modesty during floor work!
Zameena's November Tip
Eyes speak volumes so when performing we use stage makeup to emphasise our eyes because through them we portray the emotions of the dance.  

Use good quality eye makeup and mascara.  Mascara and false lashes draw attention to our eyes and the emotions therein! Keep your mascara brush clean as it can easily become home to bacteria - eughhhh!  At night remove all eye makeup thoroughly and care for your lovely lashes with a little castor oil gently stroked over them.

Here is a fun quiz to see if you can catch the emotion portrayed, purely through the eyes!!  See how you do!!
Zara's Zouk are happy to be at To the Beat of the Drum. We will be bringing a range of Tribal and Egyptian goodies!
There is something for everyone so do come ! 

Saturday 30th November
Greek Goddess.....
In last month's Zameena we showed you how to make a Greek Goddess costume (read it here if you missed it)
Did you make one? If so EMAIL us your pictures - we would love to see!  
Here is a video of me performing in the Greek Goddess costume which I made - ENJOY!
CONGRATULATIONS: In last month's newsletter we had a competition.  We asked for the capital of Greece. The winner, picked at random, of the Pharaonic Set was Linda in Sheffield and the winner of the pearl set was Joana in Suffolk, CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!   And a very big Thank You to everyone who entered and correctly gave the answer, which was: Athens.   

Thank you for reading this month's Zameena.  Next month is our  fun Christmas Special!  We can hardly believe it - this year seems to have gone so fast! Until next time,  Best Wishes and Happy Shimmying
From    xxx Zara and Sandra xxx

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