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Spring has Sprung...

Miracles are in the Air...

March 17th, 2011

Spring has long been recognized as a time of renewal and for us it is a time of reflection of all that has happened over the past year.  The Miracle Chase is now in its second printing, we are continuing our book events all across the country, and we are touched and honored at the depth of the stories others have shared with us.  St. Patrick's Day seems an appropriate time for our Celtic queen namesake, Meb, to reflect upon this miracle journey. 

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 Joan, Katie and Meb    

                March always has me thinking about bright yellow daffodils, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, Girl Scout Cookies and my mother, who was born on the first of March.

As of last Saturday night, I now get to add Miracles to my association list.  At a sweet fundraiser for SPIN, Special Parents Information Network, in Santa Cruz, CA, Katie, Joan and I received not one, but  three, proclamations, from the City of Watsonville, the County of Santa Cruz, and the California Legislature for our book, The Miracle Chase, and our firm belief in the power of miracles unfolding.

 I was struck by the family atmosphere:  it was a big party celebrating the work of a small non-profit organization with a big presence in the community.  SPIN helps parents access and understand the complex world of special education for their special students. Led by fearless Cece Pinheiro, SPIN reaches out to find and support families who never planned to live in the world of disability.

For this group, the event was all about what is possible.  A group of characters to be sure, from the auctioneer, a real survivor of the show Survivor, to the chef, Jake, who was on Master Chef, to the beautiful family whose son has Down Syndrome and led off the dancing for the evening.  I felt a bit overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit and was so happy to share in the moment.

Spring is about possibilities.  It also teaches us that things don’t last forever.  Those daffodils that I love have a moment in the sun of about two weeks and then they die back and regroup their resources into the bulb for next Spring.   St. Patrick's Day celebrations are as much about the end of winter as looking toward the potential of the future.  I think about my mom, who passed away this year and wish that I had shared more Spring moments with her.  And speaking of what doesn’t last long…those Thin Mints are here today and gone tomorrow. 

As a Miracle-ee, I am trying really hard to stay open to possibilities.  What is my purpose and calling?  Whom should I love?  Where can I blossom and where do I need to regroup and refresh so that I can burst forth again?

At the end of the SPIN evening, my son, Daniel helped me load up my car with the proclamations and the centerpiece I bid on.  He hugged me and told me he was proud of me.  As we drove home in the dark, I thought about this handsome young man who drove down with me instead of spending the night with his friends in San Francisco so I wouldn’t have to make the two hour trip alone.  Miracles are about Great Love at the core.  They ripple outward, spilling grace that sometimes we notice and sometimes we don’t.  Dan’s generosity made my evening so much better; and the warmth inside the room clearly softened his 22 year old edge.

“Ma,” he said, still sounding slightly like he was back in Boston, “You are alright.”  I am.  I am blessed.  Maybe I am exactly where I am supposed to be and should stop worrying about my purpose and love and just let Spring happen.  Like St. Julian of Norwich said, “All will be well.”

Everything is going to be all right.  How bad can it be?  It’s Spring.

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