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In just over three weeks, the Government will announce their decisions for Budget 2015. Between now and then, we have a chance to tell them to invest in mental health.

If you've already signed the petition, thanks for your support and it would be great if you could spread the word. If you haven't, please take two minutes to sign the petition telling the Government that mental health services can be a life saver.

The politicians who make decisions are employed by us and it's time to let them know we care about mental health. We need the Government to invest in community-based mental health services and 24/7 crisis supports, all across the country.

Sign the petition and encourage your friends and family to be part of the movement for mental health reform.

Anne's words describe what it has been like to be properly supported by community mental health services:

"The first 10 years after my original diagnosis went by in a haze where I was locked away inside myself, living but not living fully...My mental health team changed all that, along with a lot of work on my part. I've started to live again...I've found my way back. I now advocate for change in the mental health services to continue. I am a spokesperson for change."

Thank you for your support! On 7th October we will hand all of the petition signatures to Minister Kathleen Lynch and we'll keep you posted after Budget Day on 14th October.

Lara Kelly and all the team at Mental Health Reform
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