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Welcome to this month's special e-bulletin marking the 8th anniversary of the Government's mental health policy, A Vision for Change

Through the looking glass: a vision for mental health crisis support. MHR Director Shari McDaid with volunteers Daniel McFadden and Amelia Marley.

On the anniversary of A Vision for Change, we are calling on Minister for Mental Health Kathleen Lynch to use her powers to improve access to mental health crisis supports.
Our call for improved crisis supports

"People in mental or emotional distress want to be seen quickly, to be listened to and to be treated with respect when they seek help." This was Mental Health Reform Director Shari McDaid's message on the 8th anniversary of the Government's mental health policy A Vision for Change.

A Vision for Change recommends that community mental health teams offer 24/7 crisis intervention, that there be 15 crisis houses nationwide and that home-based treatment be the main method of delivering mental health services. This is not happening universally in all services. There are some services where the reality is a long wait in A&E, which can exacerbate the person's distress.

We are asking Minister for Mental Health Kathleen Lynch and the HSE to ensure that the recommendations on crisis supports are implemented across the country. In the meantime, the advice of the National Office for Suicide Prevention is that people in crisis out-of-hours can go to the A&E department of their nearest general hospital.

Read our full statement here.

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MHR in the news

This week, we have been looking at progress so far in putting the policy A Vision for Change into action, eight years into what was supposed to be a ten-year policy.

On Thursday 23rd January, RTE Radio 1's Drivetime covered our call for improved mental health crisis supports, and you can listen back to the segment here, from 2 hours, 16 minutes and 25 seconds.

This morning (Friday 24th), Shari McDaid appeared on RTE 1's Morning Edition TV show, discussing what needs to improve in mental health services in Ireland with Minister Kathleen Lynch. You can watch the show here, 1 hour in.
MHR's discussion on mental health crisis support

Broadcaster Marian Finucane chaired our 'No Room at the Inn' discussion on access to mental health crisis supports and it was a full house, with lots of audience contributions and debate. The panel spoke about the need for out-of-hours mental health supports for people in a crisis, beyond A&E. We heard about one panelist's experience of trying to seek help in a crisis, as well as another panelist's work to provide 24/7 support through his mental health service. You can watch the whole event here

We were delighted to once again be part of the First Fortnight arts and mental health festival. The team in FF have put together this short video round-up of the festival.
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