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Upcoming Events
1/19: Atlanta Independent Women's Network: Speed Networking  (Information)

2/10-2/11: Estate Planning Institute: Stay tuned for more information about current trends in estate planning!

3/10: Business Networking International: I will be giving an Estate Planning Presentation at Cakes & Ale in Decatur Square. Contact me for more information about this event.

Estate Planning Questionnaires: Are You Prepared?

In order to best assist you and appropriately identify your legal needs, please download the appropriate questionnaire below and email me so we can schedule a consultation at your convenience.  All information is kept strictly confidential.
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Paige Stanley

About the Law Office of Paige Arden Stanley

The primary focuses of my law practice are in the areas of business law and estate planning.  I not only serve as outside general counsel for small business owners, but I also prepare wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives. My background in litigation allows me to successfully negotiate and protect my clients' interests. For more information, please visit my firm's website or contact me at ( 404) 386-9950 or

A Note From Paige

Happy New Year!

If you've set some goals this year for yourself or your business--regardless of whether you formally made resolutions--I would welcome the opportunity to assist you!

On March 10, I'll be giving a presentation about estate planning at the BNI Decatur Chapter meeting. BNI provides networking opportunities for professionals across many disciplines and industries. We give members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, and referrals. Contact me for more information about the event.

Reminder: The firm is now offering appointments in the early evening as well as consultations via Skype. Contact the firm's Director of Client Services, Kimberly Zwaagstra, at, for more information or to reserve your appointment.

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Get a Jump Start on Your Goals for 2016

For many people, the new year offers the perfect opportunity for a fresh start--to get fit, to clean house, or to start a new project. As an estate planning and business attorney, I can help you get a jump start on getting your personal and professional affairs in order.

I'm often asked, "Paige, can you handle this?"

In this month's newsletter, I'll present an overview of my legal areas of practice so you can decide how I can help you get organized this year. I hope you find it useful, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

My firm offers services in the following areas:

Estate Planning

I wholeheartedly believe that estate planning is for virtually everyone. If you have a home or a bank account titled in your name, you more than likely will need an estate plan in place for your protection and to make sure your wishes are carried out after you pass away. If you pass away without a will, Georgia’s intestacy laws will determine what happens to your assets, and that is usually not what people want. I can sit down with you and assess your individual, familial, or business situation, explain your options, and put together a plan tailored specifically to your wishes. I also draft powers of attorney to allow you to appoint agents to handle financial and healthcare-related matters on your behalf in the event you are unable to make these decisions.

Probate and Estate Administration

I can assist with probate and estate administration if you know someone who has a experienced a loss.  This is a time filled with grief, and the process of what to do can be daunting due to the size of an estate, how much previous planning has been done, etc. I offer guidance when people pass away with a will or without a will (i.e. intestate.) I can walk you through the necessary steps and empower you to navigate this process.


In getting to know you and your family, I can help you assess your priorities when choosing the right caregivers for your child or children in the event that something happens to you. I work with a lot of different types of families, including blended families. Each family is different and many factors come into play. 

If you have an older loved one who needs care but doesn’t have a plan in place to appoint someone, I can help you, too. Powers of attorney may be an option, but if they cannot be drafted due to the individual’s lack of capacity, I will explain other options, which include petitions for guardianship or conservatorship. These petitions assign someone who can make decisions about a person’s well-being and/or financial assets, respectively, with the goal of caring for the incapacitated individual.

Business Law

I offer several legal services in the area of business law. If you’re starting a new business, I can help you choose the right type of business entity and draft the requisite formation agreements so that all the members of your business know their financial and managerial rights and duties within the business. As your business grows, I can help you draft the types of agreements to define those relationships. And it is never too early to start thinking about an exit strategy, even if it is years down the road. I can work with you on succession planning, which establishes whether your business will close or who will take your place.

Litigation Avoidance

My background in civil litigation has given me the skills and knowledge necessary for protecting my clients’ interests. Please note that the firm does not engage in litigation; however, I can and do provide guidance to help you negotiate disputes with the goal of keeping you out of the courtroom. 

Take a Step Forward in 2016!

What’s on your to-do list this year?  I would love to help you achieve some of your goals. Please contact me to schedule a meeting to get a jump start on your estate planning documents and/or business legal needs, and browse the questionnaires in the sidebar or on my website for additional information about how to prepare for our meeting.
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