What's New on the Matrix?
Written for elementary and middle school students, these readers cover topics related to Christmas trees, pork, and strawberries.
A 5-page interactive magazine to help students study the science of energy and energy conversion. Can farms produce energy?
August's Featured Resources
Grades K-2 and 3-5
Students identify the basic needs of plants and fish in preparation to assemble, maintain, and observe a small-scale aquaponics system.
Grades 3-5 and 6-8
Discover technologies that are used on farms to increase efficiency and yields and decrease costs and environmental impact.
Grades 6-8

Gain a broad understanding of the types and sources of different fibers used to make fabric. Exam their origins and observe similarities and differences.
Grades 9-12

Evaluate the growth of human populations across time, analyze graphic data about population growth, and participate in a simulation of subsistence farming.
Elementary Book

A boy loses a baseball under a tomato plant. See what happens after someone tosses a tomato back instead of a baseball.
Classroom Kit

Supplies for a small-scale classroom aquaponics system.

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