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Bubble Gum Interactive

The Sydney Angel Sidecar Fund's first investment, Bubble Gum Interactive, achieved an important milestone on 29 September with the launch of the full beta version of their game Little Space Heroes.

Kids around the world can now jump online at, create their own hero and blast off on an intergalactic adventure. 

Press Release

Sydney, Australia, 29th September 2011 – Bubble Gum Interactive, an independent developer of children’s games, announced today the beta launch of Little Space Heroes, a free virtual universe for kids under 12.

Rated E for Everyone, this story-driven online social game allows players to create their own Space Hero and embark on an intergalactic adventure. Featuring character personalisation, solo and team game play, pets, quests and community activities, Little Space Heroes offers an age-appropriate and safe environment for kids to explore, make new friends and have fun online. All that is required to play is a computer connected to the internet.

Based on original IP, the game is set in a peaceful galaxy that was disturbed by the dastardly Lord Shadowbot. Cursed with a fear of the dark, this not-so-evil villain travels through the universe stealing sources of light. Arriving at our Heroes galaxy, he stole away the Glows, a curious light emitting creature with amazing powers.

Players team up to explore the galaxy and search for clues left by Shadowbot. Progressing through the game they’ll complete missions, earn badges, make new friends and unravel the mystery of the missing Glows.

From today, kids may create their own hero at and secure their access to the beta. As beta testers, they will get to play the game for free and provide invaluable feedback to help the company refine and improve the game. Beta invitations are limited and filling up fast!

Bubble Gum Interactive was founded by children’s entertainment and gaming industry veterans. This team has extensive experience in game development, children’s entertainment, business planning, research and design, licensing, marketing, sales and community management.

Paul Gray, Bubble Gum Interactive Director of Marketing & Community Management said “The team has worked incredibly hard to create Little Space Heroes, asking kids and parents for input throughout the entire development process. We can’t wait for our beta testers to strap on their jetpacks, fire up their Starjets and blast off for adventure as Little Space Heroes.”

The Little Space Heroes free online virtual world for kids will be launching worldwide pre-Christmas 2011.

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