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Jan's Newsletter   *   April 2020   *   Edition No. 129
Hello from Lori
I'm not going to lie, there were moments when I never thought April 1st would actually get here. But, here we are. 
Getting right in to it, the big question: Are we open? YES!  
Now, for the fine print.  There were changes every day for a good solid 2 weeks there. But, I'm going to just go over the current status and not rehash every moment. 
1) #1 rule! If you have any concern about your health, (that can mean that you don't feel great, or that you are immune-compromised, or you may have been exposed at some time) PLEASE stay home. There are lots of ways to get you books that keep you and others safe. 
2) Only one customer in the store at a time. Customer is defined as household, so family can come in together. Friends that arrive together (although, if you aren't living together you shouldn't be hanging out together...).  The way this works, if the door is open that means the store is empty, come on in. Once you are in, I'll close the door behind you and there is a sign on the door asking people to wait for you to leave before entering. We haven't had much back up at the door, usually only a minute or two. 
3) While browsing, anything you touch and don't buy goes on a table upfront to be re-sanitized. 
4) We have been gifted gloves to give to customers, should you want. We don't have a ton, but we're happy to give a pair to anyone that wants them. 
5) We always washed the books with a solution of ammonia/alcohol/soap/water. That has been happening for years and years. We have gone through and re-sanitized all the books on the shelf, and no book gets touched and re-shelved without sanitizing.  We also sanitize everything one last time before it walks out the door with you. 
6) We updated our hours for the current time. I went ahead and opened back up on Wednesdays as it seemed people are just desperate to have some place to go. And I had a lot of people that assumed when we were closed on Wednesday that we were closed altogether.  I've pushed the stores open time back to 10:30 am so I have time to do all the things I usually do on Wednesday. 

Shopping options: While we are allowing browsing like normal, we understand some people would like to limit their time out of the house. We support that whole-heartedly.  Not much of these options are new, but are definitely being utilized more than ever before. 
I've created photo albums on Facebook of the books in the store. There are a couple sections left to post today, but the majority of the store is on there.
If you don't have access to Facebook, feel free to email/call/message me with what you are looking for. If you don't know specific titles, but just genres, I'm happy to go through options with you until we have your selection pulled. 
Having it all pulled beforehand means you don't even need to enter the store, but we'll talk about that more in the Pick-up Options. 

Payment Options: We can send email invoices to securely pay by credit card without needing to change hands. We also accept cash, check or credit card when you arrive for pick-up.  Check is currently the preferred method, as cash carries a lot of dirt and credit card charges, but we are happy to receive any form of payment. 

Pick-Up Options: This is a little bit of a misnomer, as you don't have to pick them up to receive your books. Minimum exposure is the goal and we have lots of options.  Since the door is open, we have a lot of people that just let us know they are coming, we put the books on the counter and they are off (depending on if they need to pay or not.) 
I can bring them out to your car and put them in the trunk, passenger or backseat so you never leave the vehicle. 
I can mail them to you using USPS Media Mail which is a fairly inexpensive rate.  I usually just estimate how much shipping is and add that to your total. One books is usually $3, a box of 10 books is about $8, depending on weight. 
Downtown Beaverton Businesses have created a shared delivery service option.  Within a 5-mile radius, with a 24-hour delivery time-frame, for a flat $5 delivery charge (to pay the driver) we will deliver the books and any other items to you.  If you pay the 1 delivery fee, you can also order from Dulcederm, Carina's, Syndicate or Ickabod's and have multiple businesses delivered to your front porch! 

Ok, phew! I think I got through all of it. It all comes down to this, just reach out to us and we will figure something out. We've always believed in taking care of you guys and nothing has changed with this situation. We still want to take care of you. 

My reading has tanked.  My brain couldn't concentrate on anything new, so I just stuck with re-reads. I'm not going to even list them cause most of them are male/male romances that are only ebook.  What I did read that you guys can get your hands on are Sandra Brown, Maggie Osbourne and Nora Roberts. All are my go-to good story reads that can always give my brain a little break from the world. 
Debbie's Corner
What a month! When I thought things couldn’t get worse I was joking. I am officially sick of sitting around as I am sure most of you are as well. On the plus side no one I know has gotten sick, let’s keep it that way. On the upside I have more than doubled my reading.

I hear you all muttering “what about the trailer?” I finally got it back a few days ago. Three weeks plus it was in the shop. I am in the process of moving back in. It is slow, my back is acting up and I can’t get a massage and John took a tumble and hyper-extended his knee so we hobble around. As long as the current events continue I won’t be going anywhere.

I wish I had more to say but other than two trips to Beaverton and Hillsboro I look at the walls and read. I haven’t even seen my deer lately though there is evidence in the grass that they have visited. I almost forgot, I finally signed the final papers on my house so I am officially homeless.

What have I read this month:
True Colors by Kristin Hannah, I lost sleep over this one. Not to many books keep me awake (getting old sucks) but this one did. 

The Rumor by Elin  Hilderbrand, I listened to this on my trips back and forth to Hillsboro. I’ve read several books by her.

Going Once by Sharon Sala loved so much I went straight to book two.

Going Twice by Sharon Sala still loving it.

The Priest by Tiffany Reisz, these books are not for everyone but I love them and this one was extra good.

Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten, the publisher sent me this advance copy and I was so excited to read it. Parts of it were so good and then there were parts that I had a lot of trouble getting through. For anyone that loves historical fiction especially Russian history I recommend it. For me it lacked flow but the contents were so good.

Going Going Gone by Sharon Sala still loving it but that was the last book in this series.

Shallow Grave by Lori G Armstrong this was book three. So many twists and turns.

Home Again by Kristin Hannah her books are so good. This one has me sobbing.

Stay healthy stay safe and stay home so we can all go back to “normal” sooner rather than later.

Have a great month and keep reading.
The Vault
Has been turned in to my shipping center =)
No new theme until we are back to normal! 
We'll be doing a virtual bookclub, if you're interested in joining email me and I can make sure you get the link! 
Beyond Borders Romance
April 14th 6:30pm
Video Conference
Facebook Live Event! 
April 18th 1pm
Pre-order his latest release so he can sign it to you during the event! Join our Live Event to hear Lars tell you all about his latest in the Tales From a Revolution series!
Facebook Live event! 
February 19th 1pm
Lono joins our Facebook to talk about his latest release! Pre-Order his book so he can sign it to you during the event!
Another virtual bookclub coming at you! 
Email me if you want to receive the link! 
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