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Jan's Newsletter   *  March 2020   *   Edition No. 128
February has come and gone and A LOT has happened, so this is a long read. Grab your drink, sit back and relax, this is gonna take a minute. 
I got my first annual vacation with the store, and I think it worked out great!  I didn't hear too many stories of people showing up at the store not knowing I was going to be gone. I heard lots of stories of people KNOWING and forgetting... That, I know I can't help with.  But, it appears I was successful at informing everyone! 
My vacation was good. It was very busy...and productive... not necessarily what you want a vacation to be, but when you visit family, it's what it needs to be. I started the trip off by picking up a whole slew of books from a friend that was storing them after finding out a friend of hers was getting rid of them.  It was, unfortunately, too many books for me to bring back so I had to pick and choose.  I settled on a car full that I thought would sell pretty quickly, but I'll get back to that after the vacation update!  For the first time in my memory, I was able to celebrate my Aunt's birthday with her, so that was awesome! My friend flew in to join me for the trip and off we went to Disneyland.  After that it was all about food! I have a lengthy list of places I need to eat when I visit home, so the meal planning is intense.  I got to have a dinner with a professor and fellow graduates from college, that was an unexpected pleasure. Then my friend and I trucked an entire car full of books 1000 miles north! 
Now we get to the store. Phew, a whole car load of books is a lot. On top of that, it feels like everyone was doing their spring cleaning at the same time! The book piles were just growing and growing!  We made it through and got it all shelved!  It did mean we had to do a little shuffling.  Poetry ended up in Non-Fiction.  We got a new comic/manga section that pushed Sci-Fi up and Classics down. We have a new "fiction created off of video games" section that's current home is just a stack on top of a shelf.  And we have a new Horror section that is in between Suspense and Fiction.  Fiction kept growing and growing, so we needed new shelves for that!  Suspense ended up having to get shortened to allow for that. We put some overstock in the way up high shelves, and on we went! When all is said and done, I feel pretty good about how the store adjusted for all the new inventory. 
This month I also found out about a new affiliate program online that we are trying out.  It's called Bookshop and it's a website where you can order new books and 10% of the proceeds go to us.  I did a test run to see if it would work before I told anybody about it, and I'm currently waiting to see how the pay out works.  If you wanted to keep an eye on it, our site is
I'm looking for all the ways to keep the bookstore making more money without always asking you guys to be the ones to spend more.  Our customers have been amazing!  But we know that it's not fair to always rely on your budgets to keep the store afloat.
We had an 8-author signing to close the month out, inside the bookstore!  It was tight, but overall I think it was just about the right size of authors!  It was such a fun day! 
I think that's got you all caught up for February.  March is the bookstores 39th birthday!  So close to 40! We're going to celebrate on March 28th, if you want to join us. I'm going to have some local artists/vendors come down and set up pop-up stores to help you get ready for Easter and Mother's Day.  I'm also tossing around some ideas about deals, which I'll be posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you don't follow us on any of those, you really should!  If you don't do any social media... just give me a call and I'll let you know what I've decided. 
Now...on to what I've read. It was a weird month for my reading tastes... so get ready for a ride! 

Acting on Impulse by Mia Soda - This was a newer author that I wanted to try and this book came in, so I snagged it.  It was a good light easy romance. 
Enemies by Tijan - You may remember this author from previous newsletters, I enjoy her quite a bit.  This was a little different from her, in that the characters were older than her usual faire.  A nice solid emotional punch without giving me a massive book hangover afterwards. 
The Matchmaker by Elin Hildenberg - We read this for our romance bookclub is NOT a romance. Fans of Kristin Hannah will enjoy this author a lot. 
Strange Love by Ann Aguirre - While I enjoyed this book quite a bit, I would not recommend it for many people. This is an alien/human romance, and the alien is not humanoid. It had a really sweet Beta male (which I like) and involved quite a bit of conversation between the two characters, which I love. 
Praying for Rain, Fighting for Rain & Dying for Rain by BB Easton - yes, this is the entire series.  So obviously I liked it. Somewhat post-apocolyptic series set in Georgia.  One character was done and ready for the world to end, one character was ready to survive.  Very interesting meeting in the middle, coming to terms with some of the psychological damage from life and finding a reason to survive in each other. 
Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Petro - This was our YA bookclub selection.  The general consensus of the group was they enjoyed it and want to read the next one. I found a ton of issues with the way the story was told, and had real issues with the authors inability to make me care about the characters. It was the authors first book so there is some leeway given for that, I suppose. 
Stone and Iron by Marie Robinson - this was the fourth book in the Magical Kingdoms series I've been reading, Dragon Shifter Reverse Harem. I am happy with how the series progressed and where it ended. 

We're trying something new at the store.  DartFrog books is a company that helps new authors get books on the shelf. So we've dedicated two shelves to them to help promote new authors!  Try one out and see what you think! 
Debbie's Corner
Oh my goodness I do believe spring has arrived. My mom’s yard is full of crocus, tiny daffodils and normal daffodils. I need to mow the lawn that is covered in deer poo, fun times but I do love watching the deer.

I know you want to know when my adventures will begin, as I type this my house is in the shop yet again. We found more leaks since last month, I finally got my beautiful new steps and while the guy from Tillamook RV was installing them we needed to put the kitchen slide in and snap, crackle, BOOM the motor bound up and yanked everything off the wall. There we are with a slide half in and tilted like a drunk, sigh. I am beginning to think the adventure with this trailer is not the trips we make but how many ways an RV can break. You are all calling lemon law, trailer guy says that doesn’t apply to trailers. Our next step is to contact the manufacturer, see what they have to say. In the meantime I am not comfortable taking off across the country in it. So I still don’t know what I am doing. I can’t help but think all of this is keeping me here for a reason, I wish that reason would reveal itself, the suspense is killing me.

While I hang out at the beach I am getting my moms house ready to sell and reading. This is my list for this month.

Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris, a follow up to The Tatooist of Auschwitz, so good.

Golden in Death by J.D. Robb, I know but I love them. This was the 50th book.

Sleepwalker by Karen Robards. This was not my favorite Robards book but still a good book and worth the read.

Cold Betrayal by J.A Jance, I am catching up on Jance books and this one was outstanding.

Last Chance Rebel by Maisey Yates. A predictable romance but a good way to fill a rainy day.

The Mourning Parade by Dawn Reno Langley. This book has been buried in my stash for more than two years. I chose it because I like the cover. Omg, go get this book. Need a book for book club this is a good one. Loved it and I passed it on to my Mom and she is reading it now.

Hideaway by Nora Roberts, don’t get excited this book will release in May. I don’t know how she does it, builds a world that sucks me in and characters that are so real.

Have a great month and keep reading.
The Vault
I hear all the time... I need to try new authors!  With the Vault this month, I'm going to try to help you out with - 
If you liked this, you might like this!
Every shelf will have books that if you've liked one, you might like the others. 
First Monday of the Month
Add April 6th to your calendar for next month!
Every Thursday Morning 
8:30 am - 9:30am
Debut author Dana Brown joins Jan's to talk about her new release! 
We've got Girl Scouts set up to sell cookies Saturday and Sunday (7th and 8th). Come down and buy them! It's the last weekend for cookie sales!
Beyond Borders Bookclub
March 10th 6:30pm
We're getting in to the nitty gritty of being an author. 
This panel will be focusing on what it takes to start your own small press, if you choose to go that route. 
March 12th 6:30pm
It's called Knit Night, but I promise you can bring any project!  Join us!
Books are in now! Get your copy today!
Jan's is 39 years old this month! We'll be celebrating all day on March 28th. I'll have local crafters here that day to help you get a start on Easter and Mother's Day shopping. You'll know I'll have some other fun goings on. 
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