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Jan's Newsletter   *  February 2021   *   Edition No. 139
Hello from Lori
Encore Pac NW Dance Troupe have decided to take the power of their team and help support Small Businesses.  As a group, they all go shop at one time at a local business and then take photos and share on social media to help drive traffic.  A huge shout out to this group of teens for understanding not only the importance of small business, but also the effect they can have on society. 
Well, January went faster than any month in a long time.  The store plugged right along keeping a steady pace. We definitely saw the normal January slump, but it was expected so not too painful. Personally, I've had about a dozen people I know that have contracted Covid, so I just keep reminding people to stay strong on all the safety protocals. It's only getting more dangerous as more and more people have it. Keep it up! We're in the home stretch. 
While there was A LOT that happened in the country in January...for the store, there really wasn't much.  I did some planning for February...which I'll tell you about here shortly. 
First, I want to remind everyone that I can order new books for you. And we do 20% off on all new books. I also have been keeping track of authors or pre-orders for people so they don't have to remember to order it right at the release date.  If you have authors that you know you buy automatically, or have books that you know you're going to want, just send me a message and I'll keep track and let you know when it's here! 
Now! February!  As many of you know, it contains my favorite holiday Valentine's Day.  So yes, I will be celebrating Valentine's the weekend of the 13th and 14th if you want to come see me and get a special treat =)   
Also, some of you might remember that every February I go on vacation. Obviously, this year doesn't make much sense to go somewhere and not be able to do anything and still endanger everyone... So instead I'm going to take the opportunity of closing the store to get some projects done.  We're going to get the tile laid in the bathroom, get some general organizing and cleaning done and if all goes according to plan.... Lori may actually have a day she doesn't come to the store and she just lazes around. February 20th through the 24th the store will be closed. Mark your calendars! It's only 5 days, but I know some of you read a lot in 5 days, and you don't want to run out! So make sure you get here before February 20th and stock up enough to get you through 5 days.  Some of you reading this are probably laughing because 5 days isn't that long. But you don't know!  When you are one of my customers that reads a book or two a day and don't have a pile of to-be-read books on your nightstand, this is a very scary prospect. Make sure you plan ahead!!!
Moving on to March.  It's the 40th anniversary of the store. I cannot tell you how bummed I am that I don't get to throw a 40th birthday party for Jan's. I started thinking about it when I bought the store!  That doesn't mean I can't still celebrate.  In the month of March, we will be giving away 40 raffle baskets, 10 a week. For every purchase you will receive 1 raffle ticket, which will go into the raffle drawing for that week. You can purchase more tickets for $1/each, which money will go to fund our Pass It On program, which is the program I've been using to buy books for all the different groups in the area. 
As part of celebrating without throwing a party, I'd really love to have people share their memories of Jan's throughout the 40 years.  I'll share them throughout the month on social media so new and past customers can all rejoice in the love of Jan's.  If you have a memory of Jan's you'd like to share, email me! 

Thankfully, I didn't read that much this month otherwise this email would be 17 pages long. The only new books I read were for book club, everything else has been a re-read. 

Dear Martin by Nic Stone - YA book club pick. The first couple chapters were slow to get into, but once the storyline picked up this was a great read. 

Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert - Beyond Borders pick, which is one I read before and you all already know I loved. 
Debbie's Corner
Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Nothing has changed since last month. I took Sharri to Target, it doesn’t take much to make her happy. Our longtime customers will remember Sharri. She always sat on the stool at the end of the counter and dug through everyone’s books. She is still chugging along. 

It is raining here at the beach. I know, shocker. The high tides and fierce winds a couple of weeks ago kept things interesting. The town was pretty quick to get the logs off the railroad tracks though there is no train at the moment. There was in impressive amount of sand in the wayside as well as on 101. There have been stronger storms this year than last year. Remember I live in an RV so the wind rocks me to sleep and occasionally tries to knock me out of bed.

Since the weather has been foul I read, I know you are surprised.

The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick I enjoy her books and this was a good one.

Edge of Midnight by Leslie Tentler, excellent suspense.

Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt. After binging on Bridgerton twice this was a great read. I really enjoyed it.

A Light in the Wilderness by Jane Kirkpatrick, I always enjoy Jane's books and I learn a lot from them.

Pray for Silence by Linda Castillo. OMG this had the best suspense and murder, how have I never read this author before?

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. I have loved every book I have read by this author. This is incredible. It is a story of the Great Depression, the drought on the Great Plains. Just get the book, it just came out, yes it is hardcover and worth every penny. I lost sleep over this one.

Have a great February!


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Cleaning, inventory, bathroom floor, general maintenance and maybe just maybe one day Lori isn't at the store! 
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