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Jan's Newsletter   *  September 2021   *   Edition No. 146
Hello from Lori
I can't believe it is September of 2021. This year is flying by. Last month had some fun events in it, the Beaverton Night Market and Bookstore Romance Day. I hope you were able to come down and visit one of them! It was also my 39th birthday and the store's 3rd anniversary at the new location. We didn't celebrate the anniversary this year because it was the night of the night market. Next year! 

I had some dog-sitting in Sisters mid-month so was out of the store for three days. Luckily my sister, Carol and Jody had me covered. I have some additional time this month dog-sitting out of town. The new hires are going to be covering it, hopefully you get to meet them. After those days when we see how all the training is going, we'll look at opening on Wednesdays permanently. Cross your fingers, October we'll be open 7 days a week! 

As I'm sure you're all aware, masks have been mandated again, so yes you need to wear your mask in the store. But also, please still keep your distance from people! Not just at the bookstore, but everywhere. You don't know where they've been...I promise you it's not pretty. 

It's that time where I have to start planning for the holidays, eek! I can't believe I'm thinking about the holidays of 2021. Didn't we just finish holiday season?  I've got some new vendors selling in the store, along with some of the standards. Are there any other vendors you'd like to be able to shop from through the holiday season? I want to make shopping as painless as possible for people, so if I can bring in new items that help you take care of shopping at one location, let me know! Also, we have already got alerts that shipping may affect some of the ordering for books. If you know books/series that you want to get people for a gift, let me know early! I'd rather have the book in house and sit on it a month until you can come buy it, than not be able to get it. 

I've been working to get this challenge done and it's gonna be close, so I've got to hunker down and focus! 6 days left, 5 books to finish!  Since you can see what I've read I'll say I liked all of the books I read this month, so I'll only give you the low down on the books I LOVED! But that doesn't mean the rest weren't good. 

Blackout  - This was an anthology by six authors. All set during a blackout in New York with all the stories converging at the end. It was so cute, really quick to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

What if You & Me- 2nd book in the series. This author always does a wonderful job dealing with harder topics in an entertaining way. 
Debbie's Corner
What a month! For months I have been telling my mom if she wanted to move back to her house all she had to do was say the word. She finally said the word so we moved her back home. She was in a very nice retirement home and it was her choice to go there but she just never felt at home there. In the middle of packing mom up a house came up for sale here in Rockaway so instead of packing I was meeting with mortgage people and my realtor. This house was so perfect, I wanted it so bad and you are right, I didn’t get the house. So I am still on the hunt for a house.

Mom is just about settled back in and loving being back. My little garden has fizzled. The tomatoes started out great and then the blossoms started drying up so no new tomatoes but I did get about a dozen of the original tomatoes but I would sure like to know what caused the blossom problem. My zucchini was rotting off at the blossom end, I solved that, lack of calcium, fixed that but the blossoms stopped setting on then started up again. All in all a dismal gardening year. On a positive note the rhubarb that has been sickly for several years has decided to make a comeback. Back before I started working at the bookstore I had a big garden, sometimes I miss it.

With everything going on needless to say I didn’t get much reading done.
Compulsion by Allison Brennan this was the first Max Revere book I’ve read, pretty good 😀.

Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis this was a fun read.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend and a great September. Strive to read more than me!

Happy reading,
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