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Jan's Newsletter   *   Sept 2019   *   Edition No. 123
Hello from Lori
We did it! We made it through August!  It was a party from one end of the month to the other!  Thank you everyone for such a great Birthday month! For those that missed some of the action; we had a goat join a signing, a packed paint night, a surprise birthday party, a 13-author romance signing, and the biggest sales day the store has seen at the new location!  Moving in to September things are going to start slowing down in preparation for the holidays.  Don't worry I still have some fun events in the works for you guys. 

A HUGE thank you to everyone that came out on the 31st to help raise money for Valerie Dawn, owner of Encore Performing Arts.  We were able to raise over $300 to give her.  If you weren't able to make it, but still wanted to help, her GoFundMe page is still live: click here! (if you're just hearing about this and have no idea what I'm talking about, click on the link and get the full story.)

Getting down to business.  Towards the end of this month, I'm going to sit down with the full 365 days of traffic counts and figure out what day makes the most sense for us to close the store every week.  

Are you ready for the holidays?  Don't worry neither are we.  But, we're starting to get the store prepped, which includes clearancing all the gift items we have in the store to make room for new stock. If you want to take advantage of 50% off, get in soon! 

For those that have been in the store, you know I've been dogsitting a lot this month.  Strange thing about dogs... they don't understand reading time.  TV, they understand, book, not so much.  All this to say that I have NOT read that much this month.  My brain is very unhappy with me at the moment.  Oh well, hopefully next month will be better. 

Re-reads: Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts, Luna and The Lie by Mariana Zapata

New Reads:
The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang:  It was only a matter of time before I read this, since it made so many lists.  It's really exciting to watch the romance genre evolve. This book features an autistic heroine and a male escort hero. The author did a fantastic job at making both characters relatable.  It was an easy cute read. Perfect for summer as it's not too deep. 

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston: This popped up on quite a few lists recently and it was intriguing enough for me to pick it up. I'm really glad I did! Fairwarning, it's m/m, but it's really quite cute, so if you ever wanted to dip your toe into the m/m genre this is a good one to try. Packed a bit more of an emotional punch than I was expecting in dealing with the coming out process when you're in the spotlight. Thoroughly enjoyed and I'm looking forward to seeing more from this author. 

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas: This was our YA read for the month. I had much trepidation picking up this book. It is SO loved in the YA world.  I'm glad to say I didn't hate it... I had some issues with some of the character development and it was a lot of fantasy, but I can see why people love the series. 

The Heiress He's Been Waiting For by Kaitlin O'Riley: This was our romance read for the month.  And ouch, I'm sorry to say this one was a slog for me.  

The Best Thing by Mariana Zapata: The latest by one of my favorite authors, unfortunately it's ebook only. Not as intense emotionally as she usually does, but still enjoyable.  

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: A friend and I did a swap read, where I read one of hers and she read one of mine.  This is the book she picked to have me read.  Again, very fantasy-based YA.  The good points, she did a good job in giving you the backstory of all the characters without info-dumping, she created a world that wasn't too terribly hard to follow, and she invested in the emotional connection between the characters as much as the fantasy world. Still very heavy fantasy and I had a hard time accepting the ages mixed with the personality. 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz: This was our secret bookclub read this month. I had a lot of expectations of this book going into reading it.  I've heard from a lot of people that it was full of emotion, so I was expecting tears! It was a good read, it just didn't have the emotional impact I was thinking I was going to get. So sitting back, it was a coming-of-age story about two boys in the 80's when being gay was even less accepted than it is now.  I'm looking forward to our discussion of the book on the 3rd.  

Debbie's Corner
Oh my gosh August went by so fast. I know I always say that but this time I really don’t know where it all went. What’s new you ask? Nothing exciting that’s for sure.  I have spent two weeks at home this month. We have made no headway finding a retirement home for my parents. Mom loved both of the places I took her to, but Dad is too frail at the moment to go anywhere so he relies on what we say and the brochures. Then he makes up reasons why they can’t live there. It’s a process.

In the two weeks that I was at home I made significant headway on that blasted bathroom. I am just about ready to grout. Here at the beach house I have been moving things in cabinets trying to figure out how to get a flow going in the kitchen. I have a great kitchen but it still isn’t like a house so it has been a challenge. Next week I will haul the last of all possessions over and then the last of the massive clean out can begin.

Over here at the beach we only get one tv station so I have gotten some reading done, watched a couple of movies that I missed in the theaters and I have been catching up on some of my Netflix series.

The books I have read this month:
Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier, I have been waiting  a long time for this one to come out and I was not disappointed. She writes the best convoluted serial killers. This one has some very surprising twists.

The Missing Piece by Sharon Sala. This is a new series and so good, not one but two customers brought this in telling Lori that I needed to read it. I already had Lori holding it but I love having customers acting as sales people.

The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney. A first class psychological thriller. According to the fly Ron Howard is making a movie and it should be a great movie. The story moves between two women, past and present, and a lot of twists and turns I did not see coming, wow!

The dazzling heights by Katharine McGee. This is the follow up to the Thousandth Floor that I read a couple of years ago. Young adult, in the future not what I usually read but I am enjoying the storytelling. 

That is all the news for this month. As always keep reading!
The Vault
Paranomal!!!  Halloween is coming! With it, an opportunity to see if you guys really do want a paranormal section. We didn't have space for it in the new location, but a handful of people have asked for one.  Here is your chance to show me we NEED a section in the store. September and October will be paranormal! 
Calendar of Events
62nd Beaverton
Celebration Parade
Superheroes Walk Among Us
September 7th
10am - Noon
Class is mostly full so if you are interested, register soon! 
If you are interested in paint class but can't make Mondays, email me as we are looking at doing an alternative!
Beyond Borders Romance
Sept 10th 6:30pm
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