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Hello from Lori

5 months now I've been a part of the bookstore family and it's been a heck of a ride. I've been having a blast getting to know all of you, and I hope you've been enjoying the new location. Who knew that when we found the location that was the correct size and budget that it would actually end up being so perfect?  
November's big event was Small Business Saturday, and despite a small hiccup with the whole system crashing (yep, that happened), it was a fun day with a good energy.  We were open for Black Friday, but after only having 1 customer in 5 hours, we've decided that will not be a day we are open in the future.  
December is chocked full of events, so I'm looking forward to having all that energy in the store. Hopefully you can make it out for some of them. Check out the events in depth on Facebook, or you can pick up a handout at the store. 
No travelling for me in November, but December I've got a quick 2.5 days down with the fam in Long Beach, Ca for Christmas.  
My reading list this month was mostly re-reads because my brain needed the break.  But, due to customer recommendations I did read a couple books outside of my zone which caused a lot of lively conversation amongst our customers.  
Re-Reads: Once Upon A Gentleman by Julia Quinn, With the Band by L.A. Witt, Silver Lining by Maggie Osborne, Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros, The Bride Quartet Series: Vision in White, Bed of Roses, Savor the Moment, Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts, Night Whispers by Judith McNaught. 
New Reads: 
Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold - A customer recommended this author to me to try.  We were limited by which ones were in the store and that I require romance in the story.  I will say the author is a good writer, and that for SciFi this is probably a great book.  I did enjoy the romance aspect and the characters, but the story part was a slog for me.  I'm not someone that likes a whole lot of "other" story, I like people and relationships and anything outside of that is kinda wasted on me.  With all that being said, I can objectively say that if you like Science Fiction, you will probably enjoy this book. 
A Portrait of Pain by Jane Washington - This was the 4th book in a series I have been reading, Seraph Black.  The series is Young Adult with one female heroine and 4 male hero's, what is currently being called 'reverse harem'.  I've enjoyed the series, it was an interesting world the author built.  There were quite a few times I found myself not following the world as the author used a lot of subtext conversation with the characters and I don't always read between the lines as well as I should. For those looking for something different, this is a good choice. It is YA so fairly clean and contains some angst. 
Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner - This was our first book for our YA book club. It was very well written and the story captured me.  I will say it was a lot heavier of a topic than I anticipated, don't know why I thought it would be a light easy read...  there was a major plot point the author used that I thought was a little too cliche.  Other than that, good read with a lot of good talking points.
Earth Abides by George Stewart - This was another a customer recommended, so strongly that he brought me a personal copy for me to read.  It's post-apocalyptic written in the late 40's.  So, yeah, already I can tell you there are some story points that took me back a minute.  Overall, this was not a good read for me, I was bored with most of the story as the book is written in a narrated sort of way.  The main character is explaining every thing that happened, so there is very little dialogue and natural interaction between characters.  But that's from my view point, and I REALLY like dialogue and character interaction.  If the book were awful, I never would have been able to finish it.  If you like reading what if scenarios and seeing how an author chooses to evolve time, then you would enjoy this book. 
Crew by Tijan - This is what is considered 'new adult', so it's got the angst that is typical of the YA genre, but with some naughty bits.  I've enjoyed quite a bit of this author, and this book was right up the same alley. Overall, I enjoyed the book, but I found the "crew" concept to be a little far fetched and tiring.  
Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts - We read this for our romance bookclub and had quite a wide range of reactions.  Let me first say that I love Nora.  But loving Nora means I can accept that she doesn't write paranormal very well. My biggest complaint with this series was that she relied wholly on everyone knowing the paranormal elements, like we should all be aware of what a werewolf, mermaid and magician is. But, Nora being Nora I couldn't help but go on to book 2 & 3.
Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts - Book 2 in the trilogy, this one smacked of The Little Mermaid. But, I'm also a fan of retold fairy tales, so that in and of itself was not a problem.  I once again just found the story hard to swallow, while enjoying the characters themselves. On to Book 3 with me. 
Island of Glass by Nora Roberts - Book 3 in the trilogy and ultimately it did not get any better in the plot.  I still enjoyed the characters, but the actual plot devices were just too convenient.  
Return to Me by Kelly Moran - I'm surrounded by all these books and sometimes a cover just reaches out to me and says, Read Me!  So I did.  And it was not horrible.  The writing was decent and I enjoyed the characters.  I'm not a huge fan of flashbacks to develop the story, but it was all revealed before the halfway point, so I was content. There is a 2nd book in the series and I'm considering picking it up. 
Neutral by Jane Washington - This was a novella in a series I'm reading, the series is YA fantasy, with the main group of characters being 1 female with 5 males, but this novella focused on a couple side characters and was a 1:1 relationship.  It was a nice side story to the overall series, and I enjoyed having a short read while waiting for the final book in the series. 

A Note from Debbie
Happy December!

Another month in the books and we are counting the days until we put another year behind us.  It has been quite the year.  I’m working one day a week.  I come in every Wednesday wondering what Lori has changed, moved or added.  I love the new additions, the store feels even more cozy than it did before.

 Thanksgiving was a really good one this year.  John and I spent four days over at Rockaway Beach. I am NOT ready for Christmas, I never am but it happens anyway and we all have a good time.  Well that is all I know for now, so on to what I have read.

Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts. This is book two in the series.  We read book one for book group so I had to carry on.  I will get to book three soon.

The Military Wife by Laura Trentham. This is an ARC (advance reading copy) fairly new author and one I think we need to keep an eye on.  Loved the characters and she dealt with some timely subjects.  As a former military wife I would love to see more of this type of book.  Well done and it comes out in February.

Year One by Nora Roberts. This is book one of the chronicles of one and book two just released so I reread book one because after talking to someone about the book the story was not what I remembered.  I had read the ARC, some things got changed in the final edits.  I don’t normally reread but I thoroughly enjoyed the second time through.

I also spent time on one other book that I just couldn’t get through.  Right now I am reading Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts, book 2 of chronicles of the one.  Loving it and I will tell you about it next month.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or happy whatever you choose to celebrate.  See you next year.

New Store Hours
We're going to continue the extended hours through the holidays and in January's newsletter we'll be announcing the final schedule. Stay Tuned!
Monday through Thursday 9am to 6pm
Friday and Saturday 9am to 7pm
Sunday 12pm to 4pm

Sharri's Book Review
I'm making the assumption that you all know Sharri, if you don't you aren't spending enough time at the bookstore.  Every now and again Sharri writes a book review for us.  Here's her review for this month. 

Dear Santa
 by Nancy Naigle
This book wasn't what I expected when I said I would read it and write a book review. I didn't expect to read it more than once, but I did - each time I picked up on something new. I've read a lot of holiday romances throughout the years and can't remember any that I've liked better. It is quite different - not an ordinary run of the mill romance. The story is suitable for all ages and I wouldn't be surprised to see it picked up by Hallmark and turned into a "made for TV" movie.  On a scale of 1-10, it is a 10 - for sure. Best experienced with a cup of hot chocolate after a long day of shopping...

Email us your book reviews and we will post them in our newsletters!


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