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Jan's Newsletter   *  May 2020   *   Edition No. 130
Yes, this is late. =) It's been ready to go since Friday the 1st waiting for me to have a chance to proofread it. Since that hasn't happened and I want to get it out before June - DON'T try to correct anything =P
Hello from Lori
There are these things called words...and sometimes they are really inadequate to express how you're feeling. There were things I didn't know when I got into this venture of owning a bookstore.  Like... the customers are incredibly funny, creative, loyal and giving.  I may have been learning that over the last year and a half, but the last month... You all have shown up in a big way for the store, but also for me personally.
As much as we all really hated that the store had to move...I have to tell you guys, I think it was the best thing that could have happened to us.  I don't think we would have made it without all the community support. Downtown Beaverton has embraced us wholeheartedly. This crisis has brought a lot of people out to support us. So, I say THANK YOU 100 million times over to all our customers, returning and new, near and far that have helped keep the store open! 
Some of you may have missed it, but I was in the news a couple of times.  The Guardian did an article on small businesses which I got interviewed for, click here to read.  From that article, KPTV reached out and asked to interview me.  It caused quite the little flurry here at the store and was lots of fun. 
For me, personally, I'm hanging in there.  This has been a whole level of stress that there really isn't any help for. But, the support keeps most of the anxiety calmed down.  I'm just going to keep pushing away until all of this calms down and we figure out what the normal is. I will remain eternally grateful to everyone that has shown up for the store in many above and beyond measures. You all know who you are. 

Reading list was appalling. Outside of bookclub books, it was just re-reads.  Although, my sister read the Bride Quarter by Nora Roberts for the first time and I re-read that while she was reading them, that was fun. 

Rebel by Beverly Jenkins - Romance Bookclub -  I don't usually enjoy anything after about 1830 in historicals, but this one was wonderful.  I loved the characters, loved the history information, loved the plot.  I'll be reading more by Ms Beverly. 

The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy - YA Bookclub - It had fantasy elements, but I still enjoyed it.  For me, it bordered on almost middle grade reading level except for some moments of violence. There were some definite first book issues that I'd love to see the author improve upon as she writes more, but overall a very nice light read. 
Debbie's Corner
How is everyone doing? I went to visit my Mom the other day. We sat on the benches in front of “the home”. Six feet apart of course. There was another mother daughter pair also visiting. My mom wanted to know where John was, I told her I wouldn’t let him come, the other daughter started laughing said she and her husband take separate walks now. So my question is how are you handling this to much togetherness? Given this is our first year living in less than 200 square feet and not getting to travel as planned we are doing well. I even got John to read a book.

I have not read much this month, no books that grabbed me and “made” me read. Though it could be that we are watching too much TV. I finished the third season of Outlander. Waiting for Netflix to put season four up. We have watched all eight seasons of the Andy Griffith Show and we are working on NCIS. See? Too much TV!

My reads for this month.

Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattack. I have heard amazing things about this book, it was good but it didn’t grab me like some of the other WWll books that I have read recently.

Goodnight Irene by Jan Burke. This is Jan’s first book and I have read other books further into the series and she does great, convoluted crimes. Love them. This is the first so all of the character set up so while good not gripping.

A Reasonable Doubt by Phillip Margolin. I’m not quite finished as I write this but so good. It is the third Robin Lockwood novel. 

That is it for this month, told you too much TV. I will endeavor to read more and watch less TV in the next month. Moms house is on the market. They showed it yesterday, I’m in big trouble if it sells before things open up and we can go somewhere else.

Your mission for May, read more than me!
Martha McJacobs, our lovely Mindfulness hope has started providing a weekly mindfulness session via Zoom. If you'd like to attend, Monday mornings at 8am, email me and I'll get you added to the list. 
Bookclub by video. It's very interesting. Email me if you'd like to be included!
Beyond Borders Romance
May 12th 6:30pm
via Google Meet
Jan's Bookclub decided this month to all just read a book they wanted to read and talk about the book they read. Keep it easy and simple for our overtaxed brains! 
If you'd like to join the discussion, email me and I'll get you on the email list!
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