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Reduce costs & generate more revenue

What if by spending a little more today, you could save a LOT more over the life of your Waukesha gas engine? Choose a rich-burn conversion solution during your next Waukesha VHP gas engine overhaul, and take advantage of 5 great ways to reduce costs and generate revenue:

  1. Up to 38% higher gas flow and up to $290,000 annually. 1
  2. Up to 66% longer time between top-end overhauls and reduce oil consumption by up to 55%. 2
  3. Save up to $175,000 over the course of two bottom end overhaul intervals (96,000 hours) with reduced lifecycle costs, including up to 66% increased overhaul extension and reduced oil consumption. 3
  4. Up to 90% lowered emissions without lowered performance site up to 80% more hp with a GSI to GL conversion. 4
  5. ESM engine system manager with emPact control solution maintains emissions in specified range with little to no operator intervention, using only 3% of the tuning time of other systems.
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• Assumes $0.25/mmBtu fee, 12 mmscfd for L7044GSI, and that hp scales with flow.
• Assumes conversion from Series 2 to L7042GSI S4 or L7042GL to L7042GSI S4.
• Assumes 0.3g/bhp-hr CO and NOx emissions reduction from 1.5 to 0.15 g/bhp-hr at Title V limited sites.
• Assumes 15 minute (if necessary) adjustment period for emPact vs. 8 hours for legacy AFR controls.

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