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Natural Gas Generator for Production Sites or Micro-Grid Solutions

GE’s Power to Lift solution (P2L) is a single, modular integrated oilfield power solution that brings together technologies from across GE to provide the oil and gas industry with greater control and flexibility in powering production operations. Power to Lift technology utilizes natural gas rather than diesel fuel. With the flexibility provided by the Power to Lift system, operators no longer need to wait on grid availability or suffer the ill effects of poor quality grid power.
How It Works

Natural gas from a well site or nearby pipeline location provides the primary fuel source for the engine skid. The power generated is then controlled and distributed via a proprietary, modular eHouse to multiple pumps and/or devices that require power on site. The eHouse provides the utility functions for the generating unit, including generator protection, power distribution, power quality optimization and auxiliaries. A universal touch screen interface allows common control of all active devices across the Power to Lift solution. Through common integrated controls and design, operational reliability, power quality, and overall system performance are optimized to drive solution uptime. The modular offering has been designed for operational flexibility, allowing the solution to be redeployed to multiple locations as production power needs change.

A Fast, Modular, and Flexible Solution for Evolving Power Needs

GE’s Power to Lift 1 MW Natural Gas Remote Power System is designed to meet the needs of oil and gas producers operating where grid power is unavailable or unreliable.
• Flexible – easily transported and scalable to power needs
• Reliable – low maintenance, long run times between cycles
• Efficient – operates on produced well gas, reducing fuel cost
• Environmentally friendly – EPA certified mobile natural gas engine
Generator Skid
GE’s Waukesha EPA certified (850–1650 btu) rich burn natural gas engine provides the capability of running with flexible fuel quality—including propane, low emissions, low maintenance requirements, and high reliability.
eHouse Skid

Provides high resistance grounding, high capacity feeders to segment and distribute clean power downstream, the ability to parallel multiple systems, and a load bank to protect engine operation. With full RM&D capability.
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