Woodlife Trails Winter Newsletter 2014

In this issue we look at what is in store for next year.
Welcome our winter newsletter.!  
In this newsletter update we will let you know what exciting projects we have in the pipeline as we move into the new year. We will also let you know our 2015 dates and events.
As always our courses are popular so you are encouraged to book up sooner than later for all our courses. View all the courses on our Course List page on the website. We also have an events and calendar page.

Year in review

We've had a great year and would like to thank all the participants on our courses. We had to add more dates for our ever popular, sell-out Wilderness Immersion Course in the Autumn. If you missed this course, don't worry, we're running another in the spring with the other tracker courses.
This year's shows have been excellent and we've added the same venues to our calendar for next year. This has additionally included the main Scouting events; Gilwell 24 and Gilwell reunion. 
We've also completed a number of talks to wildlife organisations and a cub group.
If you would like to book us for your event please contact 
us at


Diploma Registration

We are now taking registrations for our 2015 intake of Diploma students. We already have 6 people on the programme.
This year we have only 4 places! So please get your registrations in as soon as possible.
The Diploma gives you a structured learning platform for cradle-to-grave knowledge about Bushcraft, Tracking and the Natural History. Many other aspects of outdoor living are also covered such as food preparation and cooking; natural navigation, astronomy, camp craft, survival, climate, environments. 
Of course you don't have to use the programme to study. You can just take advantage of the fact you get all your courses paid for a whole year. You can attend as many as you want, even attend the same course twice.
Have a look at our Diploma page.

Course testimonials

We've had some great feedback from the courses this year. If you've been on a course and would like to leave some feedback please go here
If you want to read our course testimonials then please go here

Tracking Fundementals

Following the success of our one-day tracking fundamental course, we have decided to run some more courses next year.
This course recognises that not everyone can come out for a full weekend; so it will mirror the first day of the Immersion Course.
The course will raise your awareness of nature and you will be introduced to the art of tracking. You will be looking at the fundementals of tracking, compression shapes, feeding signs, scat, hairs and you will start to put together a picture of what's happening in the Forest even though you weren't there to see it.
The course costs only £95 per person.
Book now by going here

Current List of Courses

Here's the current course list:

Bushcraft & Wildcamping

Wilderness Camp Course

Tracking Courses
Tracking Fundementals
Wilderness Immersion Course
Woodland Tracker Course

Forest Tracker

Countryside Courses
Forest Feast

Other courses
Bespoke Courses

Course Dates 2015

Our scheduled course dates at Hatfield Forest for 2015 have now been published and you can see them all on our Calendar page here
Just scroll through the calendar and click on an the event or course for more details.
We will be adding some more dates as we go through the year so keep an eye on this page.
You can also view our course list here

Xmas Gift Voucher Offer

Stuck for a gift this Chrstmas?
Just pay a £25-00 deposit. We will send you a Gift voucher made out to whoever you want.  There’s space for a personal message from you to fill in as well – or we can just email you a voucher code.
The voucher secures you a place (subject to terms and conditions) on any advertised Woodlife Trails one-day or weekend (Friday to Sunday) course for one person aged 16 or over. This includes any bespoke one-to-one course.
Pay the balance at a later date when you, (or the recipient of the voucher) decides which course is the most suitable and when you would like to go on the course (subject to availability). At this stage, you can go on to the course page and book the course online. Have a look at the Gift Voucher page on the website.

What we do & what we don't do?

We are the UK's top provider of wildlife tracking courses. We have unique tracking methodologies, unique teaching skills and unique knowledge of wildlife.
  • We don't do military - We do nature
  • We don't sell useless paraphernalia - We provide education and knowledge
  • We don't do qualifications - We do fun
  • We don't do cyber - We do dirt-time
  • We don't do copy - We do unique
  • We Do Tracking.
Whether you are a bushcraft or tracking enthusiast; or whether you a naturalist, photographer, conservationalist or even if you are a professional working permanently in the outdoor environment there's so much more to learn, much more to see and much more to realise.

Join us in Britain's "Last Forest" and ..."We will show you how..."
Come and join us on one of our exciting and unique courses in Hatfield Forest, Essex..

Tracker Package

Sign up for the 3 weekend tracker courses (Immersion, Woodland and Forest Tracker) and receive 25% discount.
The courses must be completed within the seasonal year (Spring and Autumn or vice versa) but in any combination.
For example Immersion & Woodland tracker in spring and Forest tracker the following autumn or Immersion in the autumn and Woodland and Forest tracker courses the following spring. The tracker courses are normally run in April and October.
We will require a 20% deposit and the balance (non-refundable) should be paid within 3 weeks after booking is accepted.
Visit the tracking course page here:

That time of Year!

No self-respecting newsletter issued at this time of year wouldn't include a mention about seasonal festivities and we would like to wish all our contacts, participants, assistants, mentors and everyone who has assisted us over the last year all the very best for the season.
We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful seasonal break and all the best for the New Year.
Pablo & JP

...And Finally...

Have a look at our main website There is something there for everyone.
"We are not just an outdoor skills school - we are a family. Come along and be part of it."
Discover a new world of Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History.
Pablo & JP.
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