Woodlife Trails Newsletter - Mid-summer 2013

In this issue we look at what is in store for the autumn. We will also let you know what exciting projects we've got in the pipe-line.

Welcome our mid-summer newsletter. At last we've had some decent weather and we hope you are getting out and about.
In this newsletter update we will let you know what we've been up to and what exciting projects we have in the pipeline as we move into autumn.
As always our courses are popular so you are encouraged to book up sooner than later for our autumn tracking courses.

View all the courses on our Course List page on the website.
Instrctor Module

Instructor Module

We are well on the way to training up 3 potential instructors. This module is an add-on to our Diploma programme and prepares the particpants for the teaching industry's standard qualification Preparing for Teaching in the Life-long Learning Sector and Certificate in Teaching in the Life-long Learning Sector (PTTLS & CTTLS.) It will allow successful participants to instruct on our courses up to Level 2.
The lads are doing remarkably well despite it being challenging. Not only must they show their skill and knowledge in Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History, but they must also learn teaching and training theory, guide and develop course attendees, develop lessons, perform lectures, set up shows and exhibitions, carry out lectures and run corporate and training events. This year-long module will see them at the top of their game hopefully by this time next year. If you are interested in our 2014 intake, please look here.


We now have 4 people signed off on Level One of our Diploma. They have worked incredibly hard for over a year to complete this level but feedback has been that it was worth every drop of sweat (and a tear or two!)
Level Two has commenced. This intermediate year will take them from the fundementals to more advanced aspects and will also see them looking at subjects in a little more in depth. It will also prepare them to lead small groups into the outdoors with confidence and above all, safety.
If you would like to join the Diploma programme (you don't have to sign up for all the levels at once) have a look at our Diploma page. It's a great opportunity to have a good grounding in Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History AND get all your courses paid for the year.



Tracking courses can be considered Woodlife Trails' bread and butter and this autumn we will rolling out our popular Wilderness Immersion course. This will be closely followed by the Woodland Tracker course and this year, for the first time, our new Forest tracker.
The Forest tracker promises to be an extraordinary course which brings all the previous tracker courses together and will expand and stretch your tracking skills to unimaginable heights.
This may seem a little over-exagerated; but this courses has been three years in the making. It promises to develop and deliver not just tracking, nature awareness, and field-craft skills to new levels but also introduces trailing, paleo-movement and other enhanced wildlife observation and surveillance techniques.

(The webpage will be up soon - So keep checking the website.)



We continue to work in association with the National Trust at Hatfield Forest, Essex, and we are indebted to the staff there for their assistance. Even if you don't come on one of our courses, visit the wonderful and ancient medieval hunting forest with its magnificent ancient trees.
September 6th-8th sees Hatfield Forest's annual event; Woodfest - a fantastic music festival with many local craft stores in the heart of the Forest. We will, of course, be having a stand so come along, visit us and listen to some great music.


Current List of Courses

Here's the current course list:

Family Bushcraft & Tracking Day

Family Bushcraft & Tracking Weekend
Family/Family Pairs Courses
Intro to Bushcraft & Wildcamping

Wilderness Camp Course
Wilderness Immersion Course
Woodland Tracker Course

Forest Tracker
Countryside courses
The Warrener
Game Chef Course
Falconry Course
Stalking course
Instructors Module
Bespoke Courses

If there is no date available next to the course, select "Register Interest" to receive information when a course is available.

A Big Thanks...

A quick but sincere thanks to all our assistants and mentors who come along to our courses and events and help out.
Once you've got a couple of courses under your belt, you too could qualify to come along and help out.

This is a great way to learn the Bushcraft & Tracking skills in slower time and have fun being part of the Woodlife Family.
Family Bushcraft and Tracking

Family Bushcraft & Tracking

We have had some superb Family Bushcraft, Tracking and Wildcamping courses this season! All particpants have been exceptional without exception from 6 year olds to 56 year olds (and every age in between!)
We started off with a Bushcraft and Tracking day back in June; closely followed by the National Trust Wildcamp Experience and a Family Bushcraft, Tracking & Wildcamp weekend. Just last week we followed this up with a Dads and Lads weekend. We have one more National trust event left.
Each course follows a similar itinerary of night vision, night tracking & astronomy; wildlife watching; introduction to carving; introduction to tracking; fire-lighting and a plant and foraging walk.
This year we introduced a special suprise on the Sunday. It was... you'll have to book up next year and find out for yourself!
If you would like to book up for our family oriented courses, please register an interest for next year on our website. For Family weekends see here and for Pairs weekends see here.
Countryside courses

Countryside Courses

Last time we announced our new series of Countryside Courses which will bring back the hunting and trapping skills of old country folk. We have successfully run our Warreners course for 8 attendees. This course will be run again this November (exact date to be published soon - register your interest on the page here and you will get preferential treatment)
We are also going to run a Game Chef course hopefully in the same month. This course will show you how to prepare your game for the pot and how to successfully cook and serve up your meal in the field using only an open fire and a few pots and pans. It promises to be a culinary delight!!
JP is also working on a Falconry course for next year and Pablo is looking at a Stalking for Stalkers course to prepare folk for their DSC 1 and 2.
Keep an eye on the progress of these courses on our course overview page.
Wilderness Gathering

Wilderness Gathering

Unbelievably, the Wilderness Gathering is in its 11th year. This is the premier and original Bushcraft Show and takes place in Wiltshire between 15th 19th August. If you haven't got your ticket, go here and book up. It's an event that shouldn't be missed!
Of course Woodlife Trails will be there with the now famous "Table of Death". They will also be doing friction fire-lighting demos; tracking demos; Nature Detective sessions for kids and, for the first time, running a Masterclass in Night Tracking.
Of course Harry the Hawk and Mr Spock the owl will be there.
Pablo will talking about Bushcraft and the Law and lecturing on tracking techniques.
If you want to book Pablo for a talk on Tracking, Getting Closer to Nature or any Wilderness Living or associated outdoor subject please contact us directly at or visit our Talks, Visits and Education page.


...talking of tracking...

We are working hard on to deliver our new Mantracking courses next year. We have already developed and delivered a Team-tracking module as part of our corprate team-buiding sessions, but we are now preparing to deliver the following:
Introduction to Man-Tracking (Intro) 
Search and Rescue (SAR) Tracker
Police and Forensic Tracker (Law Enforcement)
Hunter Tracker (Armed Forces)
CI Awareness (Armed Forces)
SF Tracker (Armed Forces)
Please keep an eye on the Courses Overview page to see when these and other courses will be available.

Closer to Nature...

All our courses help you get closer to nature. Whether you are a bushcraft or tracking enthusiast; or whether you a a naturalist, photogrpaher, conservationalist or even if you permanenty work in an outdoor envirnment, there's so much more to learn, much more to see and much more to realise.
"We will show you how..."
Come and join us on one of our exciting and unique courses in Hatfield Forest, Essex..

Look Closer...

... and you will notice that we've slashed about 10% off all our courses. But it wont last forever!
Book now by going to our courses page and take advantage of this offer while it lasts.
Pablo & JP

...And Finally...

Have a look at our main website There is something there for everyone.
We are also on Facebook.
As always leave a comment or join the Woodlife Network Community (it's free!) and discover a new world of Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History.
Enjoy the rest of the summer.
Pablo & JP.

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