Woodlife Trails Newsletter - Spring 2014
In this issue we look at what is in store for spring and into summer. We will also let you know what exciting projects we've got in the pipe-line.

Welcome to our Spring 2014 Newsletter

We are kicking off 2014 with a great programme of events and courses.
Bookings are going well so if you would like to come on a course at Hatfield Forest, have a look at the course list and book up before all the places go.

Diploma 2014

Our Diploma registration for 2014 is closing in just a couple of weeks. We have 3 new participants for level 1 as well as the ongoing particpants for level 2.
This prgramme is proving to be extremely popular. Not only do you get all your courses for free, you can come along whenever we're in the Forest and just chill out and enjoy the surroundings or practice your bushcraft and tracking. We also encourage you to assist and mentor other coures - the first step to becoming a Bushcraft & Tracking instructor.
Primarily it's a great opportunity to learn bushcraft, tracking and natural history from the ground up.Go to the Diploma page for more information.

Show Time...

Once again we will be taking to the road and we will be attending a number of shows this year. We will be helping the National Trust at Hatfield Forest by running two Wild Camping Experience weekends later on in the summer.
We will also be attending the Bushcraft Show at the end of May. We will, as normal, be doing tracking workshops and natural camouflage demos. 

JP's ever-increasing managerie will be coming along including Spock the Ashy-faced barn owl and Harry the Harris Hawk.
Pablo will again take to the stage to talk about Tracking in the Bristish Woodland.

The Wilderness Gathering will be taking place in Wiltshire during August and our local event, the National Trust's Woodfest, will be held in September at Hatfield Forest. We will also be attending various country shows this year
We will have something different this year as well as a number of tracking and natural history exhibits. Come along and visit us at the our stand.Keep an eye on our events by visiting our Course and Events calendar page.
Also look out for us at Scouting events at Gilwell this year.

See you all there!!

Tracker Courses

We have just completed our latest in the series of wildlife tracker courses. This makes 4 in the series starting with the new Tracking Fundementals day, followed by the Wilderness Immersion Course, the Woodland Tracker and now the Forest Tracker course.
If you are interested in doing all these please go to our course list. There's a special Tracker package (with a hefty discount) if you want to do all these courses in order. Please contact if you are interested in the Tracker Package (details on the website soon).

Wilderness Immersion and Woodland Tracker

These two courses are taking place in April so you haven't got too long to book. We run these courses in Spring and Autumn; so it will be a while until the next ones.
Immersion Course >> Book now <<
Woodland Tracker >> Book now <<
We continue our partnership with the National Trust at Hatfield Forest. Our base-camp at Collin's Coppice West is full of wildlife and is ideal for all our courses including our Immersion Course in April. Read about our association with the National Trust and look out for the NT's own events taking place at Hatfield.

Human Tracking

We are in the process of developing our new series of Human tracking. This isn't just for professionals like Search and Rescue and Police, but also for tracking enthusiasts, groups (great for team-building) and youth associations like cadets and scouts.
The Family tracking day will be a great day out. Pit your wits against our staff or each other.
We will make Human tracking fun and a worthwhile experience with ancient and modern
techniques pulled from the worlds of the Indigenous peoples, military and law enforcement.
As usual we will be promoting Tick Awareness through our TickWatch programme which runs throughout the spring and early summer.
It's sad to see that BADA UK have ceased charitable activites as a result of
a "protracted period of declining funds and volunteer support, rendering our future operations simply untenable." There's no reason why we can't pull together and raise awareness - so please spread the word.
Have a good read via the link above to see why we need to look after ourselves in the woods against these nasty little arachnids.

...And Finally...

Have a look at our main website There is something there for everyone.
As always leave a comment or join the Woodlife Network Community (it's free!) and discover a new world of Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History.
Have a great spring.
Pablo & JP.
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