Woodlife Trails Newsletter - Mid-summer 2012

In this issue we look at what is in store for the summer. We will also let you know what exciting projects we've got in the pipe-line.

Essex Wildlife Trust

We are delighted to anounce that we are now corporate members of the Essex Wildlife Trust.

Current List of Courses

Here's the current course list:

Family Bushcraft & Tracking Day

Family Bushcraft & Tracking Weekend

Wilderness Camp Course
Wilderness Immersion Course
Woodland Tracker Course

Family/Family Pairs Courses

Bespoke Courses

If there is no date available next to the course, select "Register Interest" to receive information when a course is available.

More National Trust

Not only are we priviledged to be able to run our courses at the National Trust's Hatfield Forest, but we are now looking at assisting the National Trust at Foxbury in the New Forest.

Pablo Speaks!

Pablo has been enjoying a little fame despite being quite shy (!) by doing talks and lectures.
So far he has spoken at Essex Wildlife Trust and a local Outdoor Pursuit group as well as a talk per day at the Bushcraft Show in Derbyshire. He claims that there were only a few more people at Lofty Wiseman's talk and a few more than that for Survivorman (Les Stroud). We know there was more people because there was a downpour and everybody rushed in to shelter from the rain!
Seriously - if you want to book Pablo for a talk on Tracking, Getting Closer to Nature or any Wilderness Living or associated outdoor subject please contact us directly at or visit our Talks, Visits and Education page.

Welcome to our Mid-Summer 2012 Newsletter

It's mid-summer already and I expect you haven't really been outdoors as much as you would like. It always happens like that - but if you feel as though you're missing out, then join us before it's all over!
Have a look at our course list and book up before all the places go.


  We are delighted to be associated with Vivobarefoot. All our instructors and most of our assistants are now using the excellent Vivobarefoot Off-road boots, which are just about the best tracking boots we've ever worn. It's got to be said there there is room for fine tuning, but Vivobarefoot are listening to everything we say. Check out the footwear at Vivobarefoot and our video.


We now have a fair amount of merchandise on offer. We have polo shirts, leather key-fobs, badges (as shown above) hoodies and soon caps. We don't have an online shop, so if you want something, please let us know Don't expect it to be sent out immediately, but we will dispatch it when we have a few orders.

Closer to Nature...

All our courses help you get closer to nature. Whether you are a bushcraft or tracking enthusiast; or whether you a a naturalist, photogrpaher, conservationalist or even if you permanenty work in an outdoor envirnment, there's so much more to learn, much more to see and much more to realise.
"We can show you how..."
Come and join us on one of our exciting and unique courses in Hatfield Forest, Essex..

Show Time!

Show season is well under way. Woodlife Trails has been exhibiting at the Bushcraft Show in Debyshire. We still have Gilwell 24 Scouts event, the 10th Wilderness Gathering in August and Woodfest in Hatfield Forest in September. If you are at any of these events, please come along and say hello.

Diploma Skills

The 8 guys and girls who have signed up for our Diploma course are cracking along at pace! Most of them should be able to have Level One signed off by the end of the year. Although there is no time limit, each level is designed to be completed within a year. We recently held a skills weekend where many of the practical asessments were completed. Have a look at or Diploma page if you want to get involved in the next intake next year. It's a great opportunity to have a good grounding in Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History AND get all your courses paid for the year.


We've always been interested in running overseas expeditions and that dream is getting ever closer. After a couple of let-downs, we are in negotiations with contacts in Sweden, Andalucia and Africa. No promises but we will be going out to either Sweden or Andalucia in the early autumn for a recce. Start saving for WT Expeditions in 2013.

...And Finally...

Have a look at our main website There is something there for everyone.
As always leave a comment or join the Woodlife Network Community (it's free!) and discover a new world of Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History.
Enjoy the rest of the summer.
Pablo & JP.
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